Cookies Abounded at a Conference, But I Passed Them Up. What Could You Do to Resist?

NoCookies-main_Full Today, I was at an amazing authors' conference all day long, and junk food abounded. In fact, as the day progressed, the sugary snacks came out more often.

It never fails to amaze me how events that are supposed to help authors or entrepreneurs serve such incredibly low-caliber snacks that actually diminish your
brain capacity. (And we were supposed to think bigtime about our books, our audiences and even our blog readers — that means you!)

So how did I resist all those cookies that conspired to land in my stomach?

First of all, these days, resisting sweets is a really simple, happy habit that I now have. I'm so used to a healthy lifestyle that having sweets just isn't even an option. I know how bad I'd feel if I succumbed, and I never want to go back to that awful place!

Secondly, I came prepared by bringing a stash of healthy food with me because I just assumed that I'd only have junk food from which to choose. Anyhow, I now know that saying NO to sweets is really a way of saying YES to life, yes to happiness, yes to a life of meaning, yes to a clarity that used to avert me, etc.

Although I'm used to turning down sweets, I had this strange compulsion to tell one man who was walking around offering people cookies, "I used to love those kinds of cookies." (I won't tempt you by mentioning the brand!)

Actually, since the cookies pusher knew me because we'd worked together previously, he was nice enough to say to me, "I'm not even going to offer you any." I thought that was very sweet.

You see, people respect my no-sugar stance, because they know that I'm doing it to boost my energy, improve my health, be more agreeable and more.

But I wonder: Why did I feel compelled to make that comment? Perhaps some of you may have insights why I had to let that slip. Why do you think I needed to say that?

So I invite you. Put yourself in my position. You're trapped for hours in a room at a function and sugary foods abound..

Since you're reading this blog, you probably know that sugar could wreak havoc on your moods, sap your energy, pack on weight and cause other harm.

So what tactics could you use to turn down sweets at a conference, where they're out to tempt and trap you?

One thought on “Cookies Abounded at a Conference, But I Passed Them Up. What Could You Do to Resist?

  1. I just say, “No thanks!” I am still heavy enough that most people at the medical conferences I go to don’t even offer, but pretty much respect me when I say no. The people I have more problems with are those who either work with me or live with me (my husband…Just a taste of mine…) I still say no. At work I have even more problems with one person who is heave like me. I just keep saying no. Maybe it will rub off once I lose enough weight to be more evident. It will take time, but it’s worth it!

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