Cupcakes on the Cover of Beyond Sugar Shock: Backlash?

Beyond Sugar Shock final coverOh goodness!

The fact that cupcakes are on the cover of my upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock — officially out June 1 but available for pre-order now through Amazon and my publisher Hay House — has triggered some fascinating and even strong reactions. Quite surprising to me!

Discussion about cupcakes on the cover began when my Facebook friend Natalie told me on my fan page that the cupcakes bothered her so she simply covered them up with a piece of paper.

See her photo here and my response as to why cupcakes were on the cover.

Natalie’s reaction and clever cover-them-up response got my wheels turning.

So last night, I sent an email to people on my mailing list to invite them to share their opinions about the cupcakes on the cover.

Did we make a cupcakes no-no, or is the cover a good one?

After all, I want to help people, not entice them!

So here are some of  many replies I received about the cupcakes on the cover of Beyond Sugar Shock.

Mary wrote:

“I do not like the cover! I am sorely tempted by such things, visually speaking! It’s just like today’s women’s magazines, with a picture of chocolate cake on the front with the constant headlines that feature the latest diet underneath. Cruel. I really do not like the cupcake cover. I do love cupcakes though : )The cover needs to be changed or I will never recover this addiction and I need all the help I can get. I mean, a book on how to give up pornography with half naked women on the cover makes no sense either, eh?  : )”

What intriguing comments. I never even looked at it that way!

Next, Bonnie had some brilliant observations:

“I think the cover is fine. But I guess I can say that because cupcakes aren’t my weakness, cookies are!! Homemade cookies!

“I have a couple ideas: One is to make a jacket that has something covering the cupcakes, and when you are ready, you can take the jacket off the book to reveal the original picture with cupcakes.

“The other one is the cupcakes would have things like insulin needles, bottles of medication etc. sticking out of it.  Maybe one could have legs and be standing on a scale. One could be holding doctor’s bills!”

Oh how funny, Bonnie! We’ll see what my publisher, Hay House, says about your innovative ideas for future covers (once they sell out the initial books).

Meanwhile, Karen weighed in:

“Connie – I think cupcakes are a brilliant idea – I walk around NYC these days and see seemingly normal looking people strolling down the street eating giant cupcakes. I see cupcake bakeries on every corner, and cupcake TV shows on several cable channels. Good luck with the book!”

Linda also was upset with the cupcakes on the cover of Beyond Sugar Shock:

“I find the cupcakes on the cover offensive and sense that it is a marketing ploy to get people to notice the book. I feel it is manipulative. The title on the book is enough to take notice but the cupcakes make me feel that my problem is being taken lightly.”

Please, Linda, you know that I take your problem very seriously. Remember, I used to suffer myself from a very serious sugar addiction. (In fact, you can read my sour story in Beyond Sugar Shock.) You also may want to know that I’ve been dedicated to helping people break free of their sugar addiction since 2002, and I quit four years before that.)

Frances, a nutritionist, offered a more measured perspective:

“Connie, Congratulations on your upcoming book!! As for the cupcakes, I haven’t actually seen the cover………however seeing those moist delicious sugar bites is hard to refuse. When I read the Wheat Belly book, they had gorgeous bagels on the front that I could smell –they looked sooo good.

“I am a Nutritionist and all my clients are sugar addicts. Seeing the pictures of our favorite foods is hard, but hey, perhaps it will help us as we see the real thing out and about in our day to day living. Thanks for all you do to make this world a better place! Blessings to you!”

And Dina wrote on my Facebook fan page about the cupcakes on the cover:

“WHY [did you do this]? Sabotaging decision that probably has roots in marketing. Not funny if you’re addicted to sugar. Would you put a booze bottle on the front a text for Alcoholics Anonymous? It is a concern that we even have to have this discussion. You and the publisher could apologize and put an appropriate image in its place.”

Dina, I apologize if the cupcakes bother you.

I also said I’m sorry here, too. And the day before, I conveyed my sincere regrets here, too.

Nicole also posted on Facebook:

“Yeah, it would have been much better to make a photo of a generic young women / man in fitness gear to showcase the 6 week aspect! 😉 i think the cupcakes are bit too simple, suggesting its a cooking book or something similar, missing the ‘move beyond’ aspect but otherwise it is just a book cover – who ever is ‘offended’ by that needs to get a life. :)”

And then Mary wrote:

“Hello Connie, I honestly would have used something other than cupcakes for the cover…but, your intent will perhaps launch a whole new wave of Sugar Consciousness…because of the cupcakes! Onward and good luck! Mary”

Thanks, readers, for sharing your thoughts.


Just know that my goal and intention is to give you and millions like you tools so that you can easily achieve a state of what I call “Sugar Freedom.” You can and will rise above feeling a prisoner to your habit, I believe, if you buy Beyond Sugar Shock, no matter what cover it has.

Please join our discussion. What do you think about the cupcakes on the cover? I’m eager to learn your opinion.

Post your thoughts here or on my Facebook page.

By the way, if you have a sugar addiction, I’m here for you. And please know that I’ve put years — more than a decade — into bringing you Beyond Sugar Shock. So, please don’t judge my book by its cupcakes cover!

Eager to get help personally from me? Join my Sugar Freedom Now Course, which you can attend either live or via pre-recorded programs.

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