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Apology to Would-Be Readers of Beyond Sugar Shock for the Cupcakes on the Cover

Beyond Sugar Shock final coverPlease forgive me, dear readers or would-be readers!

If the cupcakes on the cover of my upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock, tempt you or offend you, I apologize profusely!

But, let's face it, the cupcakes on the cover are a mirror.

They merely  reflect the sugary temptations that will inevitably taunt you on a daily basis (several times) — every time you step out of your house and almost every time you turn on the TV. 

Thankfully, millions now realize that sugar is toxic, thanks to 60 Minutes, Dr. Robert Lustig and many other researchers. 

In fact, in my first book, Sugar Shock, I discussed how sugar can kill you.

But, let's face it, Sugar Kills You Sweetly. Very sweetly. 

By that, I mean that most sweets look so darn inviting. That's why beautiful cupcakes on the cover of Beyond Sugar Shock make a lot of sense, I believe. 

For those of you who don't know my history, I used to be a member of the audience for  whom I'm now writing. I was a horribly hooked sugar addict in 1998. What's more, I was plagued by a whopping 44 ailments until I quit sweets on doctor's orders. You can read My S.A.D. to Sweet Story in Chapter 1 of Beyond Sugar Shock 

Then, in 2002, four years after I'd risen above my own addiction, I became committed to helping you sugar and carb addicts. My role as your Sugar Freedom Coach to help you, not tempt you. 

You may be surprised to know that that I've poured 10 years of my life into developing the program — my Sugar Freedom Now Course – which then led to this companion book, Beyond Sugar Shock 

Trust me, I've carefully designed this book's six-week program to help you achieve a place of liberation, excitement, and health. The cover will not bother you six weeks from now if I've done my job right. 

Covered-Up CupcaksAnyhow, to get some history about the cupcakes-on-the-cover-of-Beyond-Sugar-Shock controversy, read my first Sugar Shock Blog post after Natalie wrote on my Facebook fan page to say that the cupcakes tempted her so much that she covered them up. After inviting her to send me a photo, I posted it on this blog.  

Natalie's comments made me wonder if having cupcakes on the cover was a good idea. I then approached people on my mailing list to get their input. 

Here's my second Sugar Shock Blog post, in which I quote readers, who find the cupcakes either offensive, annoying, or clever, depending on whose opinion you read.

Sugar addicts and carb addicts, please join the cupcakes discussion.

I'd like to know how you feel about the cover design of Beyond Sugar Shock. 

Whatever you think, please, though, will you give this book a chance, cupcakes on the cover or not?! 

Post your reactions and thoughts now. 

To learn how sugar is toxic, now see the 60 Minutes piece reported by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Please post your feelings and reactions to seeing cupcakes on cover of Beyond Sugar Shock.

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