Do You Have Passion? I’m Passionate About Bicycling. What About You?

DSC00289 Often, people write to me and tell me that sugar or refined carbs is their "big love." .

Or, they might mention how eating sugary foods is what they most look forward to.

In other words, they put sweets on a pedestal. And, "treating" themselves with sugary foods or drinks is of utmost importance to their happiness.

Language like that makes me sad.

Because to get sweetness in your life — which is what having a sugar addiction is about, in my opinion — should have nothing to do with the sweets that you eat.

So, I'm off to get sweetness today — and it has nothing to do with sugar.

I'm off shortly to ride my bike, and tomorrow, I'll both bike and play tennis. These are two of my big passions, and both these sports, exercise and working out are mong the many things that bring lots of sweetness and joy into my life.

What are you passionate about — other than a person? (Although, of course, it's important to be passionate about a significant other.)

Share with us what activitities bring you passion.

By the way, the photo above is  when The Reverend Canon Thomas P. Miller, S.T.M. Blessing of the bikes shapeimage_1 blessed my bike last month during the Blessing of the Bikes ceremony at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine by The Rverend Canon Thomas P. Miller, S.T.M,

Although I'm a nice Jewish girl, as I mentioned to Rev. Miller, this Blessing of the Bikes event was so much fun and uplifting.

What activities bring you pleasure and make you passionate?

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