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Doctors Group Gets Intimate With Coke

Coke_press_conference_500_141 Have you heard yet that the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) — which is dedicated to helping everyone attain "optimal health" — accepted a reported $600,000 from Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company?

As if taking Coke's money wasn't bad enough, the soft drink manufacturer will actually fund new content about beverages and sweeteners for the AAFP's consumer website,

You heard me right. Big Soda will pay to "educate" you, dear consumers, about how sugar-filled beverages can be a part of your "healthy" lifestyle!

Many of us wellness advocates, as well as AAFP members, are in an uproar over this misguided alliance. Talk about partners with different objectives!

Last week, AAFP doctors (see photo above) even resigned over this appallaing partnership. 

Share your thoughts here about the doctors-Coke alliance and also join the new Facebook group, "End the AAFP and Coca-Cola Collaboaration.

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One thought on “Doctors Group Gets Intimate With Coke

  1. Great blog, Connie. Great cause. What an inspiring story you have. I have had similar experiences with reducing and eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates.
    I’m especially interested in this post. I think it’s very confusing to consumers to hear the medical profession say one thing and corporate interests, like Coca-Cola, say another. If those two get together and start saying the same thing, it becomes impossible to know what to believe.
    Do you have a source for the $600,000 figure you mention – the amount C-C gave the AAFP? I couldn’t find it on the page you link to.
    Note from Connie: Interesting that you asked! After talking with the head of the AAFP and he didn’t confirm the $600,000 figure, I don’t use it any more. He says it’s a “high six figures” so that’s what I now say instead.

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