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Dr. Mehmet Oz Speaks With Online Journalists

Doctor oz show images Dr. Mehmet Oz, in an effort to drum up support for “New Year, New You” episodes on The Dr. Oz Show, is on the phone now with a number of us online journalists.

Shows in early January will help Americans after they come back from the holidays, because this is, as he put it, “a teachable time in their lives.”

“The most novel thing that we focus on is that you will fail [on your diet],” Dr. Oz points out.  “The question is how you’ll deal with the failure.”

When you drive and go the wrong way, your GPS calmly tells you how to get back on track, Dr. Oz continues, implying that Dr. Oz can serve as viewers’ medical GPS.

Dr. Oz Show images In the “New Year, New You” shows, Dr. Oz says, “we give you tools to cheat and tips to get you back on track.”

“We are flawed,” he observes. “We celebrate Americans where we are and [help  you] get over emotional burdens.”

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to ask Dr. Oz a question, and I jumped in to ask the first question. I wanted to know about his daily routine.  Many of you have been wondering how he looks so good and has so much energy. Here’s what he said:

  • He wakes up at 5:45 a.m.
  • Next comes a seven-minute yoga stretch.
  • Then he has breakfast when he get to work. He advises eating within the first hour of waking and having a high-fiber, high-protein breakfast.
  • Next, he recommends making sure that you begin [your work or everything] on time. “If you’re late, you’re out of control,” he points out.
  • Finally, Dr. Oz goes to sleep “religiously” by 10:30 at night. “That’s an easily achievable goal [for] Americans” in the new year.

Dr-oz-show-054edtagsm-copy1 Stay tuned for other updates, because he’s still answering questions and I’m writing this up quickly.

Quick confession from Connie: This is embarrassing, but somehow my computer just lost a bunch of notes from this interview conference call!

So I won’t be able to get you any more updates. (Guess that’s what I get from still not feeling up to snuff, with being sick and all.)

But Dr. Oz did have some valuable information to impart about the values of sleep and fish oil and tips to get you through the holiday season. One recommendation for the latter had to do with always keeping one hand free when at parties and not drinking one alcoholic drink after another.

You can catch Dr. Oz’s pearls of wisdom every day on The Dr. Oz Show. To learn when the show airs in your area, go here.

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