Embrace Cravings as Your Allies, Not Enemies

I’m away on a transformational retreat. In my absence, I invite you to get some help with your cravings.

Are you hit by cravings in the morning, afternoon, and night, as well as in between?

embrace cravingsAnd do you detest when your cravings for sugar, carbs or something rich get the best of you? Especially when the number on the scale keeps getting higher?

What if you changed your attitude about your cravings?

What if instead of dreading them, you welcomed them and even invited them in?

Just think how much easier your relationship with food would be if you embraced your cravings as your allies!

You want to welcome your cravings, because they’re giving you valuable messages. And once you decode your cravings, you’ll be able to give yourself what you really want.

Confused? Discover 20 messages your cravings may be telling you.

Just read my article on Heal Your Life, “Craving Sugar and Carbs? Make them your allies intead!”


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