Grateful to be Alive! My July 4th Accident

Gratitude I’m so grateful that I’m alive today, writing to you.

That’s because on July 4th, I had a frightening, close encounter with a glass window that I never realized was even there.

More specifically, without knowing it, while en route to a sailing boat, I ran headlong into a large piece of glass, because it wasn’t covered with decorative decals such as these, these or these.

Ouch is a major understatement!

Right now, I’m still a bit shaken up — and wiped out.

I’m also facing a throbbing headache.

Plus, my hand is still sore — somehow, in the middle of my accident, it got split open. (Thankfully, my cut got glued back together.)

And my forehead, nose and near my eye is sore, too. It demonstrates (thankfully, not too obviously) that I got too friendly with a piece of glass.

But right now, I’m determined to keep an attitude of gratitude.

It could have been much, much worse!

My accident could have killed me.

Or, I could be in emergency care right now, battling for my life.

Yikes! The glass could have completely shattered, with shards splitting open my face rather than just giving me a few bruises and bang-ups from my sunglasses. My hand could have been cut up way worse than it was.

Anyhow, I’m grateful to be alive and relatively intact, even if it’s difficult to type right now. If it had of been worse than it was I would have been contacting one of those pedestrian accident law firms to make a claim as that glass should have one of those safety notices on them or built into the glass like some of them are but this one didn’t have either. 

Now that I’m so glad to be alive, I’d like tell you how grateful to you, dear readers. Thank  you for your readership, support and connection.

I do hope that my close encounter with a piece of glass will inspire you to think about how grateful you are, too, for many things.

Coincidentally, last week I did a radio show about gratitude. I invite you to listen now to last week’s Gab with the Gurus Radio Show about gratitude with Stephanie Gunning.

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5 thoughts on “Grateful to be Alive! My July 4th Accident

  1. This also happened to me when I was in Grade 8. As our class was leaving the playhouse theatre we were in a rush to get on the nice coach buses vs the school buses and I ran right into a floor to ceiling plate glass window. I can still see the window breaking in front of me and then stepping back and I must of looked like “Carrie” as the entire class stopped and looked at me and the blood was dripping off my face. Luckily they were surface cuts on the head and face and after an embarrasing ride in an ambulance to the hospital and a visit from the high school principle I really only had cuts that healed without any stitches nor difiguring facial scars.

  2. My cousin did that years ago when she was a teenager. She tripped and went through the sliding glass door head first, and split open her chin. This was before safety glass was installed on large doors. She was very lucky, getting away with some stitches and bruises. Take care of yourself Connie!

  3. I am happy that you are OK, you are an inspiration to many people. It is also wonderful that you live in an attitude of gratitude. Your affirmations are certain to excel your healing.
    Many blessings,
    P.S. I will listen to your radio segment. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much for writing, Ellen and Olivia. So great to hear from you! Olivia, thankfully, I didn’t split my chin like your cousin and scraped by with bruises and splitting my wrist. Though my head is throbbing big time now!!! Ice and nap time.

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