Gratitude Week on Gab with the Gurus

Gratitude It's Motivating Morsels time.

This is a special week to motivate you bigtime.

Today is Day 1 of a 5-day Gratitude Week featuring 20 top gurus, who will share great tips and tidbits about gratitude.

You can listen to all 5 shows either live at 2 pm Eastern — or later at your convenience.

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During Gratitude Week, you'll learn:

  • How gratitude can help wipe out obesity.
  • Why gratitude is the ultimate anti-depressant.
  • How easy it is to make gratitude a daily habit.
  • How gratitude can help you overcome addictions and food issues.
  • What's on the Gratitude Lists of Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, Dolly Parton, BB King, Kurt Vonnegut,
  • Elmore Leonard, Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bridges, Francis Ford Coppola, Kristen Bell, Forest Whitaker,
  • NBA great Steve Nash and Deepak
  • How gratitude can enhance your happiness, optimism, self-empowerment and connectedness.
  • How being grateful helps combat grouchiness, reduce stress and pain, trigger creativity, increase spirituality and resolve challenging situations.
  • How love and relationships flourish where there’s gratitude and forgiveness.
  • How to feel grateful even if you’re having a difficult day, month or year
  • How to use gratitude to accomplish your goals.
  • How gratitude can affirm your life’s purpose.

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Have a sweet week,


Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC

P.S. I'm so grateful for all of you. And this week is my chance to give back to you:

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude Week on Gab with the Gurus

  1. I don’t know how to start, it was a very important maiagcl moment that I needed so badly last week, I begged for it. It’s about one of my best friends that I didn’t realize how important she was until that moment. We have been living together for 5 years, I have a love, hate relationship with her. She never like to bath, keeping clean is out of the list, jumping on my bed without washing her feet are things that she likes to do all the time to drive me crazy. She would only come to me when she wants something, waiting for me to cook outside the kitchen quietly as she knows she can definitely be rewarded. Wake me up with her noisy steps at nights also one of her best skills. However she has been the best mate to calm the violence fights I had. Though she was terrified whenever there is a civil war, but she always give us her love for comforting. She has always been the first who come to greet me with her bright smiley face when I get home but unfortunately she is also the first victim when I had my bad days. Lately, she has been sleeping a lot more. She couldn’t hear when I open the door. Until last week she was very ill, she fell on the floor suddenly and could not get back up to walk again. She had a hard time to catch her breathe. She was sent to hospital and forced to stayed for 24 hours. Doctor was not optimistic at her illness. I cried a river during that 24 hours, couldn’t remember if I had cried so much before. I tried very hard to suppress the drip wouldn’t stop. It was worst than the broke up with my first love. I don’t know why, I think I cannot hide it anymore, she has become very important to me. When I return home a few times that day, my friend and I was thinking the same, we were pouring immediately when we stepped into the house; no one was waiting for us, no greetings, no lovely hugs. Cause she was in ICU fighting for her breath. My tears couldn’t stop. When I start praying, I started to feel this is not her time yet she needs to be with me even if it is only a day. I need her in my life, I need her sunshine smile, hugs and unconditional love! Let me know also give my best to her in return. My prayers were answered. The doctor called the next day, saying, she is drinking, eating and walking now!’ That moment meant the world to me. I am so grateful to have another chance to be with her again. I can’t believe this is coming from me. This furry friend has become one of the most important company in my life. Now she is still fighting with her disease, I am sure she will win over it loving someone is hard, but, there are so much to receive and learn from her love..Treasure health, treasure love we receive..

  2. I don’t know if this is what you wanted but the peploe that I listed that I was thankful for were:Glenn O, Pam O, Marissa Y, Shelby Y, Nacny D, Mitusa O, Sharon K, Betty O, Helen C, Caroline P, Karen S, Shirley H, Shari K, Marci H, Deanna Y, Naomi E, Harold E, Jim Y, Cliff P, John M, David G, Kaala S, Tabol M, Chris S, Andrew M, John M, Adam S, Ty E, Mignon E, JC, Cori T,Lessa S, Robert M, Bev M, Mike S, Julie S, Chris G, Nora G, Arnold G, Joy Y, Brianna S, Tiffani T, Tiffany L, Stacy T, Stacy H and all the peploe at WBC and Mano’olana.

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