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Gratitude Week: Thank You to All Experts

Gratitude sunrise Now that Gratitude Week has come to a close, I want to extend a very special thank you to the 21 gracious, articulate, amazing experts and bestselling authors, who made this week possible.

My deepest desire is that these empowering gurus will change your life.

For my part, I know that I've been dramatically transformed just from holding these shows and hearing the remarkable thoughts shared by our guests.

Indeed, I'm feeling much better after accidentally smashing head first while running into glass. (In fact, I'm thrilled that my headaches are subsiding — concussion begone!) Learn about the origins of Gratitude Week on Gab with the Gurus by reading the press release about the event.

Please note that in all 5 shows for Gratitude Week, different angles were covered. And every show was equally fascinating, inspiring and helpful. So I urge you to listen to each and every show.

During Gratitude Week, you received insights on:

  • How a practice of gratitude can completely transform your life.
  • How being grateful can take you away from your pain
  • How gratitude can help you to become creative.
  • How grateful people are more optimistic.
  • How when you are thankful, your grouchiness takes a hike.
  • For what celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Morgan Freeman are grateful.
  • How being grateful can help to diminish your stress.
  • How an attitude of gratitude helps you become spiritual.
  • And much more 

You also received:

  • Many wonderful, practical pointers on how you can fit gratitude your daily routine. 
  • Tips on how you can slip gratitude exercises here and there to enhance your happiness. 

My heartfelt thanks goes to the following people:

Gratitude Week, Day 5: On Goal Setting, Creativity &
Moving through Pain

Listen to Day 5 here:

Here were Day 4's wonderful guests.

Gratitude Week, Day 4: On Optimism, Managing Stress,
Getting in Balance & Being Spiritual

  • Dr. Terry Paulson, a psychologist, professional speaker,
    columnist and author of the new book, The Optimism Advantage.
  • Howard Martin, author of The Heart Math Solution and
    founding member
    of, which researches the heart-brain connection and
    develops science-based solutions to reduce stress and improve
  • Mary Treacy O’Keefe, co-founder and president of Well Within
    in St. Paul, Minnesota. Uses gratitude for stress reduction and
    spiritual growth.
  • Nora Firestone, journalist and founder of
    , a Web-based forum for posting (and discovering)
    stories of gratitude to "recognize, affirm and honor" the people who've
    made a difference in your life.
  • Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression, founder
    of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, and a leader in the field of
    yoga and mental health. Amy’s evidence-based yoga protocol is featured
    on the award-winning DVD series LifeForce Yoga to Beat the Blues.

Listen to Day 4 –

Gratitude Week, Day 3: On Celebrities, Gratitude Lists & Grouchiness

Listen to Day
3 –

Gratitude Week, Day 2: On Optimism, Love, Empowerment
& Getting "Enough"

Listen to Day
2 –

Gratitude Week, Day 1: On Happiness, Forgiveness, Coping & Resolving Food Issues

Listen to Day

Here are the links to all 5 shows:


2 –

3 –

Day 4 –

Day 5 –

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Get more details by reading the
following press
release about Gratitude Week on Gab with the Gurus

Stay tuned for another Gab with the Gurus Radio Show on Sept. 21 for World Gratitude Day and another show (date TBA) with a couple of gratitude researchers, who were unable to participate in Gratitude Week.

Also, here's another recent Gab with the Gurus Radio Show about gratitude with Stephanie Gunning.

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