Halloween: Prevent Sugar Shock

Kids trick or treating Halloween can be a harrowing time for both kids and their parents, because on this holiday and the days or even weeks that follow, kids will often face major blood sugar highs and lows after pigging out on dozens of sugar-laden candies. 

In other words, they'll be hurled into sugar shock.

Let's face it, no matter what kind of limits their parents may try to place on their children's candy consumption, youngsters will often overdose on sweets, even if they have to do it in secret.

Unfortunately, that's what Halloween means these days. It's a nationally sanctioned "Sugar Overload Day."

So how can you help your young trick-or-treaters not get wiped out, cranky, depressed, headachy or charged up from having too many candies?

The way to soften the blood-sugar-bouncing whammy and lessen sugar shock is to make sure that your children eat a healthy, well-balanced meal before they cavort around the neighborhood trick-or-treating for candies.

For instance, before they head for the streets, give your children:

  • Ample protein (such as a piece of fish or free-range chicken)
  • Fiber-filled, quality carbs (like a salad, steamed vegetables, a sweet potato and a small portion of brown rice)
  • Smart fats (such as olive oil drizzled on top of your salad and sweet potato)
  • Plenty of water (bring bottles with you, too, to keep your kids hydrated)

By powering up with with PFF (Protein, Fiber & Fat), your child may:

  • Have more consistent energy
  • Feel filled up from the meal so that he or she eats less candies
  • Be a lot more fun to be around, because his or her blood sugar is balanced

I cannot stress enough how important this is to make sure that your kids eat right before they go out trick-or-treating.

If your children don't eat a good meal before eating lots of candies, they may go into sugar shock, which means they might:

  • Get wired or really tired
  • Become argumentative
  • Pick fights with their siblings
  • Find it tough to stay focused
  • Develop a horrific stomach ache
  • And more…

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