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Has Sugar Shock Helped You? Has My Break Free Program Inspired You?

Amazon Sug Sh 51RDZ7DBVAL._SL110_ Has my book Sugar Shock motivated you to take control of your habit and move Beyond Sugar Shock?

Have you taken my Break Free Program and has it helped you to kick sugar, which has dramatically improved your life?

Have you been motivated by another author or expert to remove your sugar habit so that you now have an amazing sugar-free life?

If so, I want to hear from you!

Please help me to inspire other people so that they, too, can travel Beyond Sugar Shock, which, incidentally, is the name of the book I'm now writing.

Break Free Cover_Presented 5x7 (4)I'Please share here how your life has changed by removing sweets from your life.

People get so many benefits from quitting sugar or at least cutting back on their consumption. For instance, perhaps you're one of those who've lost weight, boosted your moods, improved your concentration, experienced an improved sex drive, are more cheerful, etc.  

To tell your story, I've listed a few topics you may choose to adddress. (You can write about as little or as many topics as you like. You can even add your own subject.)

NAME and AGE (specific age or range, if you like)


EMAIL ADDRESS (I'll keep it private. I promise!)

WHAT I WAS LIKE "ON" SUGAR (For example, you could discuss mood swings, weight, relationshiips, how you always wanted more, how you felt like you were trapped in prison, etc.)


MY ROCK BOTTOM MOMENT OR TURNING POINT (What was the incident(s), etc. which inspired you to finally quit?)


HOW KICKING SUGAR CHANGED MY LIFE (You could share about changes to your weight, sex drive, PMS, moods, relationships, cravings, how you look, what happened to  your cravings, etc.)



If you're not there yet, I invite you to consider quitting sugar or drastically reducing your consumption. Join us in discovering the Delicious Sweetness of Being™ without keep relying on constantly consuming sugar and other sweeteners, these potentially dangerous and deadly substances.  

By reducing the sugar, you'll be delighted. As you'll discover, you can Get a Sweeter Life Naturally™.

Thank you in advance for sharing your stories, which I also may include elsewhere. Please make sure to provide your email address so that I can contact you.

I do hope to continue to inspire you.



Connie bennett sig


P.S. I'm really eager to hear how your life has changed and to spread the word to others. Thanks again for contributing! 


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One thought on “Has Sugar Shock Helped You? Has My Break Free Program Inspired You?

  1. Hello, i don’t know which happened first, i made the decision to quit sugar or found your website. i think i was deciding and browsing internet and found your site, or it was mentioned from another site: women to women possibly? which i also enjoy and learn from. i also don’t know how much of your information i’ve read, but i’ve read some of it and it definitely helped. i’ve also passed it along to others who think they’d like to quit.
    specifically, one thing helped me (okay it’s coming back to me now.) when i was deciding whether to ‘do it’, the testimonials of people who’ve quit. i wanted to know, from some first hand accounts from other people, that it would be worth it and i would really feel a difference. your information also helped me feel i wasn’t only one suspecting sugar was a big culprit, considering quitting it, made me not feel crazy for considering it. and the info from your site (?) confirmed my thought to quit it.
    okay, so on to results, just cutting out all sugar and corn syrup for 4 1/2 months, i continue to lose 1/2 a pound a week in weight. plus i feel better and afternoon crashes aren’t happening. i’ve monitored blood sugar and it’s slightly better than when i started but i ‘m not a doctor and not in habit of going to them, so not sure about that aspect.
    you’re advice at holidays also helped. i was thinking i would just say no to all sweets, but then thought i should allow a cheat here and there and then get back on wagon after holidays. your info helped with this process. i knew i didn’t have to give up entirely, that i was making conscious decisions to enjoy very well made desserts and foods around the holidays for the joy factor (not gratuitous crummy candy bars or anything) and this worked out. holidays over, i’m back on the wagon. i am after lifelong maintenance, better eating habits and health and well being improvement. it has to work for the rest of my life, not just a little while.
    your information is a great support emotionally and in information as well. not a lot of people understand giving up sugar and corn syrup etc. and some people react like it’s too extreme. so it’s good to have your information to bolster me up. though weight control not only factor, it sure is rewarding and reinforcing and vindicating as the weight just keeps dropping off effortlessly, and slowly. thank you, please keep it coming!

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