How Bad Does it Have to Get Before You Kick Your Sugar Addiction?

Sugar_danger_250Recently, I received a poignant email, from a woman who — like most of us sugar addicts — has found it hard to let go of sweets.

The sad lady — who I'll call "K" — labeled her email, ''Connie, You Told Me So!''

Here's what she writes:

"About a year ago, I purchased your book, Sugar Shock over the internet. Sugar has been a big problem for my entire life. Now, my doctor is angry, because this addiction has progressed, to the beginning of diabetes. Going blind, having my kidneys stop working, dialysis, and having limbs cut off is an ugly scenario. Please, give me some hope to be an overcomer in this. Thanks."

K, I'm so sorry for your plight. But I congratulate you for finally reaching out and being ready to look at your sugar addiction.

By the way, please take heart. Perhaps that's what you needed — to plunge to the depths of despair and fear before you took action.

FYI, this has happened with many of my clients. Things had to get really bad before they/we were finally ready to make some positive changes. A similiar thing happened with me. As I revealed in Chapter 1 of Sugar Shock, I was suffering from a whopping 44 ailments before I finally took a doctor's advice. Pretty sad, eh? But now, because I overcame my sugar addiction, I get to help people like you through programs like Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks. Pretty cool, eh?

K, you're probably a lot stronger than you realize. You can do this! I'm writing to you privately to see how I can help  you.

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  1. I’m trying again to kick my sugar habit. I’ve done it before, but the American lifestyle always seems to get in the way. Thanks for the work you do. Peace. E

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