Break Free With Me Tomorrow for Free – Skinny Jeans Telesummit

Imagine being able to zip up your jeans without having to suck in your stomach.

Slip into jeans Did I get your attention? I hope so.

So, think about how great it would be to slip into your skinny
jeans. Plus, feel how great it would be to get fit, boost your energy,
to live like a champion and to let go of your self-sabotage, stress and
feelings of unworthiness.

To learn how to do all of that, join seven of us experts for a free, four-week Skinny Jeans Telesummit, which is now being offered taking place Tuesday and Wednesdays at 2 pm EST (11 am PST) until June 8. 

This event is brought to you by my friend Ashley Mahaffey, a certified personal trainer and fitness strategy expert.

For the Skinny Jeans Telesummit,
Heather Fleming, Dr. Melissa McCreery, Sean Croxton, Ann Vertel, Dr.
Dennis Waitley, Ashley and I will help you get fit and healthy in mind
and body. 

You'll hear us help you succeed in:

  • Performance
  • Conscious nutrition
  • Hormone balancing
  • Stress reduction
  • Fat burning exercise
  • Champion visioning
  • Ending overeating and emotional-eating
  • Conquering your sugar addiction (That's my topic.)

Here's the remaining schedule for the Skinny Jeans Telesummit. All events take place at 2 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific.)

  • My program — Tuesday, May 25 – Connie Bennett
  • Wednesday, May 26 – Melissa McCreery
  • Tuesday, June 1 -  Ashley Mahaffey
  • Wednesday, June 2 – Sean Croxton
  • Tuesday, June 8 – Heather Fleming

Sign up now to join the free Skinny Jeans Telesummit.

Feel free to invite your friends and loved ones, too. Just send them to