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Lisa’s Sugarfree Success Story

HOW SUGAR AFFECTS ME: “When I had sugar, I was irritable, sleepy, zonked out, spacey and zombie-like. I would get the shakes and break into sweats. I was depressed. I had severe PMS and horrendous headaches. I had no ambition. A lot of the time all I wanted to do was stare at the wall. I used to hide bags of candies from my kids and my husband.”

ABOUT CRAVINGS: “There is no such thing as just one. I’d have one little taste and then I’d be like a runaway train.”

SETTING AN EXAMPLE: “One of the reasons I had to quit was that I didn’t want my two daughters following in my footsteps. My 12-year-old is always wanting candy. That was a wake-up call. Now that sweets are not around the house anymore, she’s cut back a lot.”

SUGARFREE BLISS: “Now that I’m off sugar, my life has changed. I’ve got energy; I’m clear-headed; I wake up more easily; I’m more patient; my mouth feels cleaner; and my cravings are starting to go away. I just feel better not eating it. I don’t miss it – which is a nice feeling. I’m proud of myself.”

– Lisa L., 42, Longview, Washington
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