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Moody? Tired? Unfocused? You Could Have Hypoglycemia

Are you headachy, tired or crabby?

Do you cry easily, have blurred vision or get heart palpitations?

Roberta If so, Roberta Ruggiero can help you.

Roberta is founder and president of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, which celebrated its 30th anniversary yesterday.

The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation (HSF) is
an amazing organization, whose mission is to give information, hope and
inspiration to those who suffer from the devastating effects of low
blood sugar.

Frankly, I don’t know where I’d be today if it weren’t for Roberta. Back
in 1998 after my doctor ordered me to quit sweets because of my
hypoglycemia, Roberta was my kind, patient hero and savior. Seriously. For months, Roberta patiently answered my many questions, was constantly encouraging and gave me hope.

you are eating lots of sweets and simple carbs, chances are good that
you, too, have been hit by horrible blood sugar highs and lows –

If you suspect that you have low blood sugar, take the great hypoglycemia quiz on the HSF website.

Go here to take the hypo test: ====== >>>>>>

Stay tuned, because the HSF will be adding many exciting new features to its website. So I encourage you to get on the mailing list now so you don’t miss any news from the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation.

I also encourage you to make a donation to this worthwhile organization.

Then, learn about Roberta’s amazing story and listen to me interview her.

Listen now (just look for the last few links on the page:
====== >>>>>>

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One thought on “Moody? Tired? Unfocused? You Could Have Hypoglycemia

  1. Dear Connie,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and
    sentiment about me and my organization, The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, Inc. It is
    an honor and pleasure to know you, work with you and share our purpose and passion. How lucky are we?
    Roberta Ruggiero

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