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Sugar Shock!

How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Lifeand How

You Can Get it Back on Track

by Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C.

with Stephen Sinatra, M.D.

Foreword by Nicholas Perricone, M.D.

Advance Praise for Sugar Shock!

this booktrots out a Whos Who of prominent nutritionists who support Bennetts argument
that sugar is the road to physical ruin. The evidence is in, and its depressing.

TIME magazine

Connies work spills the beans on the shocking impact of simple carbohydrates on aging and
quality of lifea double whammy for humanity.
Mehmet Oz, M.D., coauthor, # 1 New York Times bestseller, YOU: The Owner’s Manual

Read this book. It could save your life.

Mark Hyman, M.D., author, UltraMetabolism

Wow! This is an impressive, exceptional expose and self-help work!

Oz Garcia, Ph.D., nutritionist to the stars and author, Look and Feel Fabulous Forever

Most Americans get one-third of their daily calories from nutrient-poor foods such as sweets,

pastas, soft drinks, French fries, white rice, hamburgers on white buns, and alcoholic beverages.

But most of us dont know that too many culprit-carb comfort foods could contribute to or trigger a

host of baffling ailments such as fatigue, mood swings, mental confusion, depression, headaches,

PMS, heart palpitations, crying spells, wrinkles, acne, and even diminished libido or sexual

dysfunction. Even more serious, excessive carbs could lead to infertility, birth defects, heart

disease, cancer, diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature aging, and obesity.

In fact, millions of Americans are in Sugar Shock! because of the inferior carbs they

mindlessly consume. So contends veteran journalist Connie Bennett, author of Sugar Shock!:

How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Lifeand How You Can Get it Back on

Track (Berkley Trade Paperback Original; January 2, 2007; $14.95).

Connie is all-too-familiar with the nightmarish Sugar Shock! syndrome. Back in 1998,

the slim reportera zealous fan of red licorice and hard candieswas besieged by 44 baffling

and seemingly unconnected symptoms. She was often exhausted, suffered splitting headaches,

and survived frequent bouts of brain fog. Then, her boyfriend dumped her because he couldnt

take her off-putting sugar-shrew moments and irrational crying spells. Finally, a savvy doctor

linked Connies ailments to her excessive sugar habit and her hypoglycemia. Reluctantly, she

followed her M.D.s prescription to kick sweets and quickie carbs, and to her joy, all 44 of her

perplexing ailments disappeared and she was restored to good health and humor.

Now, nine years later, in this well-researched book, Sugar Shock!, Connie tells the full

sugar story. (The national diabetes and obesity epidemics are only a small part of the picture.)

Thanks to enlightening interviews with some 250 experts; first-rate reporting about recent, cutting-

edge medical studies; and the insights of thousands of sugar sufferers, Connie dishes the sour

scoop about sweets and reveals many, often-ignored pitfalls of sugars and quickie carbs.

This groundbreaking bookwhich is endorsed by numerous experts, including medical

consultant Stephen Sinatra, M.D.explains how our reliance on sweets and much-like-sugar

carbs could unknowingly ravage both our emotional and physical health and even possibly

jeopardize our relationships. Moreover, Connie empathetically shares simple strategies to help

readers stomp out sugar cravings, avoid hidden sugars, and decipher misleading food labels.

A provocative, engaging expos and self-help book, Sugar Shock! tells readers about

the dark side of sugars and culprit carbs. Ultimately, this books message is one of hope as

Connie offers helpful tips and tactics so readers can kick (or least curtail) their sugar habit for

good to reclaim their health and moods.

For more information and to find out if youre in Sugar Shock!, visit and

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Connie Bennett , M.S.J., C.H.H.C. is an experienced journalist and former sugar addict, who
now laughingly dubs herself a Sugar Shrew No More! She is a certified holistic health counselor
and amiable coach, who helps people worldwide break free of their sugar and quickie-carb habit
through her 21-Day, KickSugar Countdown Diet; a free KickSugar, international online support
group; and her acclaimed Connie, who received a masters in
journalism from Northwestern University, has contributed to such media outlets as The Los
Angeles Times
, Chicago Tribune, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, TV Guide, and

Sugar Shock!

How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Lifeand How You Can Get it Back on Track

by Connie Bennett

with Stephen Sinatra, M.D.

Berkley Trade Paperback Original * January 2, 2007 * $14.95 * ISBN: 978-0-425-21357-5

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