Check Out Tasty NuttZo

Nuttzo ef4efac4092338feb4e677dad1fa2311-1I'm always on the lookout for healthy, unsweetened, organic foods. that won't put you into Sugar Shock. People often ask me for foods to recommend.

Well, I'm delighted to report that I found Organic NuttZo, a yummy, crunch nut butter that has no sugar or sweeteners added.

Recently, I had some, and it's really tasty! Having a tablespoon of that, I believe, can help to help you (or many of you) to quit thinking about sweets.

Try some yourself, and let me know if you like NuttZo as much as I do.

My Sweet, But Stringent Standards: FYI, I'm pretty careful as to what foods or beverages I'll recommend on this Sugar Shock Blog. For instance, whenever possible, I'll suggest organic foods. In addition, I will NOT recommend anything that contains any sugars or sweeteners, including agave, honey, maltodextin or raw cane sugar. And I will NOT advocate foods containing artificial sweeteners. Learn more here about my Sweet, But Stringent Standards.

Remember to let me know what you think of NuttZo.

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