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Sugar Addiction: Get Help to Break Free, Beginning January, at the New York Open Center

Are you struggling with a sugar habit?

If so, you can get help to conquer your habit by attending my four-week seminar, beginning Jan. 12 at the New York Open Center, which is the largest urban holistic center in the United States. The program runs through Feb. 2.

Join me for a complimentary introduction on Jan. 5.

New York Open Spring-2009-cover Here's the description of my program at the New York Open Center:

Do you “need” a candy bar or soda just to get through the day? Are you yearning to lose weight for good? Would you like to improve your moods, banish brain fog, triple your energy and boost your libido? You can
peel off pounds, gain energy and improve your relationships just by
kicking sugar and refined carbohydrates. But removing culprit carbs can
be challenging. Join “Smart Habits Girl” Connie Bennett, author of the
best-selling book SUGAR SHOCK!, who will show you that
breaking free of your sugar habit can be fun, exhilarating and
life-changing. In this four-week course, you’ll participate in
empowering exercises, eye-opening discussions and coaching scenarios to
discover how to identify your tempting triggers and well-meaning
saboteurs; how to soothe and nurture yourself in healthy ways; how to
use the “5 Ds” to squash your cravings; how to save money on food; what
to eat; how to “say no with sass”; if you should quit cold turkey or
phase out sweets; how to find hidden sugars; how to release your
bingeing-self-loathing cycle; if sugar substitutes are safe; and how to
find sweetness naturally.

Here are some other exciting events you may want to attend.

For additional information or to register by phone, please call 212-219-2527 x 2.

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