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Sugary Soft Drinks Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic-cancerMore and more these days, we hear about medical studies, which point to the massive dangers — sometimes potentially deadly — of consuming empty-calorie, sugar-filled soft drinks.

Yet another new medical study now points to excess sugar as the likely reason for potentially deadly pancreatic cancer.

This study — published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention — found, upon studying 60,524 Chinese adults, that those who drank at least two sugary sodas a week had an increased risk of developing cancer of the pancreas, as Yahoo News reports.

This study was the first time researchers studied Asians to learn how soda and juice may play a role in developing pancreatic cancer. It make sense to look at Asians, because they are increasingly adopting Western-like, processed-filled diets and
sedentary lifestyles. Previous studies examined Europeans or Americans.

As for the new study, researchers believe the sweet stuff is to blame for the pancreatic cancer.

"We suspect sugar is the culprit, but we cannot prove it from this
study," said Mark Pereira, one of the authors of the study from the University of Minnesota's division of epidemiology and community health.

Of course, even if the results cannot be definitively confirmed, it's safe to assume that skipping soda is the way to improve health and prevent several kinds of cancer, a conclusion I also make in my book SUGAR SHOCK! (You can learn there about other studies also making the same sugar-cancer connection.)

Why worry particularly about the soda-pancreatic cancer connection? Well, pancreatic cancer is one of the most rapidly fatal cancers in

Not only that, but less than five percent of pancreatic patients survive
five years or more after being diagnosed with the illness.

The study even suggests that eliminating sugar-sweetened sodas would be a way to reduce the risk of developing
pancreatic cancer.

As we all know, soft drinks are leading sources of added sugar in the U.S. diet. And all this excess sugar can contribute to low blood sugar, high blood sugar and hyperinsulemia, when the amount of insulin in the blood is higher
than normal. (The pancreas releases insulin to help regulate blood sugar.)

By the way, the two-drink-a-day soda drinkers also were younger, and they tended to smoke, drink alcohol,  eat higher-calorie diets and more red meat, and they were less physically active. Even so, the findings of the study were adjusted for various dietary factors and those adjustments didn't change the link between sugary soda and pancreas cancer.

Soda drinkers, are you ready to kick sugar now?

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