Sweet Sunsets to Savor: Hope My Photos Soothe You

I’ve become utterly enchanted, captivated and hooked by Sweet Sunsets ever since moving to southern California a few months ago.

Aguust 30 cell phone 011My newest hobby is taking photos at sunset. In fact, as the days have gone into weeks, this has become a very important part of my day.

I’ve become outright hooked!

Sunsets 11-22-13 019In fact, whenever people try to book appointments with me around sunset, I do whatever I can to avoid  meeeting at that time. It’s gotten a little dicey lately, because sunset is earlier and earlier nowadays.

But if someone asks me to book something when the sun is beckoning me, often, I conveniently have “another appointment.” Or, if someone calls when it’s time for my sun-setting fix, I’ll plead, “Oh, I’m sorry, I gotta go!” (I almost never reveral the truth, which is that this is my Sweet Sunset Time.)

Granted this watching the sun disappear isn’t exactly meditating, but sunset is my calm, contemplative time of day when I can easily cast aside my cares and concerns. (I’ve been craving something like this after My Bittersweet Last Year with Mom.)

Because people to whom I’ve shown my plethora of sunset photos have found them so soothing, refreshing, and pleasing, I’ve decided to start sharing Sweet Sunsets to Savor with you, too.

FYI, I also plan to post some fun, artsy shots (I hope), as well as sunset and beach videos.

When to expect my sunset photos: Every week, on Wonderful Wednesday, Tantalizing Thursday or Fun Friday, you’ll get some recent sunset shots, generally from that week or the one before it.

I’m still trying to come up with the best day to post them. Any ideas? When should I post them?

Sunsets 11-22-13 061


By the way, look for my photos to become better and better.

First, I plan to graduate soon from my iPhone (with which I took all of these). Instead, I’ll buy a more sophisticated camera. Got any ideas about what I should get?

In addition, I plan to take a photography class.

Photos - Dec. 1, 2013 002


Before I end this post, you may be wondering, “Connie, is there a sugar connection here? Aren’t you way, way off topic?”

Well, yes, sort of, but emphatically no.

To begin, a large part of being able to want to stay away from seductive sweets and cunning carbs is that you find something else — a hobby, activity or passion — that fills you up in a way that wily sugar never ever can or could.

When you have something like watching sunsets that you just love, love, love and that you absolutely must do  — and you love this way, way, way more than sugar — then you’re on the sweet path to success.

So for me, having Sweet Sunsets to Savor at the end of every day delights, nourishes and nurtures me in a way that sugar and culprit carbs never could.

Sweet, Savory Sunsets are hands-down far more exciting than sugar ever was.

Sunset 12-4-13 002


Feeling refreshed and soothed yet? I hope so.

Sunset 12-4-13 016

Feel free to share these photos with your friends, family members and colleagues.

Please join the Sweet Savory Sunsets conversation.

Question to Answer: What passion or pursuit fills you up in a way that sugar never can? What nurtures and nurtures you like sunsets do for me?

Let us know what you think.


Photos by Connie Bennett. Taken on my iPhone in Fall and Early Winter 2013.

Share them with as many people as you like.


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