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Connie’s Confession: Taking Back My Power & Healing My Broken Heart

After a loss—whether it’s the death of someone you love or the end of a relationship—have you ever felt suspended in limbo? Plus, you just couldn’t
find your mojo again?

Broken heart.6a00d834520ed269e2017c3678d85c970b-500wiWell, I feel ready to come clean with you. Ever since my mother passed away recently, I’ve been a grieving, heartbroken, stymied health coach and wellness author in crisis. In short, I’ve been feeling “off.”

While I’m working to get closer to being “on” so I can serve you again, I’m now ready to make a confession.

My mom’s death and my many subsequent discoveries about things she did or didn’t do have hit me hard.

Recently, I’ve been crying at least once or twice a week—like the time I found NO mention in her datebook that I was moving nearly 3,000 miles to be with her in her dying days. Ouch!

Alas, suffice it to say that Cheerful Connie isn’t around as much anymore. Not only that, but I’m not sure where I should live now.

A little bit of history is in order. Slightly more than a year ago, I gave up my apartment in New York City (where I’d been for a decade) and moved back to California to be of service to my dying mother, who had stage 4 lung cancer. (FYI, she decided to let the disease progress at its own course — she choose to forego chemotherapy and meds for fear of horrible side effects.)

Now that I’ve lost my mother, I’m all alone in another part of the country, without her and without my friends in the Big Apple.

Loss and after-loss insights, I’m discovering, can wallop you.

It can toss you into turmoil and turbulence. And if your Mom died, that can send you whirling.

I’ve also been in a quandary. I’m a health coach, life coach, and bestselling author (Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock).

How can I share with you my intense pain and sad truth that I’m just not back to being my best me?

How the heck can I tell you that lately, I’ve been possessed by what can best be called Crazy Cravings have hit me hard.

Not only that, but recently, I’ve been crying a lot (at least once or twice a week)—like the time I found NO mention in her datebook that I was moving nearly 3,000 miles to be with her in her dying days. Ouch!

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