Tasty, Sugar-Free, Cacao-Cado Frozen Treat: Guess What’s In it & Win My Book, Beyond Sugar Shock

Read below to learn how to win a copy of my most recent book, Beyond Sugar Shock. 

Just guess what ingredients I used to make the tasty, frozen treat shown below.

Often, when people discover that I’ve been sugar-free for nearly 16 years, they’re alarmed, worried, and overcome by fear.

Mostly, people are worried that they’ll have to go without tasty desserts?

Their voices just exude anxiety and apprehension.

“Connie, yes, I know I should kick sugar, but I just don’t want to go without ice cream or frozen yogurt!”

Now, I bring you fabulous news.

You can now easily go sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, agave-free and artifiical sweetener-free and still be able to eat the most delectable dessert.

Not only that, but your dessert will be chock full of nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants and other good stuff.

Thanks to the amazing, simple-to-use Dessert Bullet, you can easily make your own tasty, frozen treat. (FYI, I get no money for telling you about this cool product.)

Just check out the Tasty, Sugar-Free, Cacao-Cado Frozen Treat I created in about 5 minutes for an afternoon snack!  Yummy!

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Can you believe my delectable dessert had sugar sugar, no agave, no honey, no dairy, no gluten and no artificial sweetener? Tough to imagine, right?

Let’s have some fun now.

Beyond Sugar Shock -- Intl Bestseller -- 6a00d834520ed269e2019b0154ee08970b-320wiIf you accurately guess exactly what I put in this delectable dessert, I will personally give you a signed copy of my most recent book, Beyond Sugar Shock.

Join the conversation. What ingredients do you think I used to create my Tasty, Sugar-Free, Cacao-Cado Frozen Treat? Post your thoughts now.

The deadline to post your ideas is next Thursday, Feb. 15. Share your thoughts now.

2 thoughts on “Tasty, Sugar-Free, Cacao-Cado Frozen Treat: Guess What’s In it & Win My Book, Beyond Sugar Shock

  1. Nicole,
    Thanks for trying to guess what’s in my Cacao-Cado Frozen Treat.
    I’m sorry but the only thing you have correct is cacao.
    The reason I would not put in banana unless I used only one bite is that bananas are high in carbs.
    A medium banana contains 23.9 grams of carbs or 27 grams of carbs. (Depending on which source you believe.)
    Divide that by 4 and you come up with the sugar content. About 5.75 or 6.75 tsp. of sugar.
    Here’s one source –
    A banana is also about 62 on the glycemic index.
    Stay tuned for another way to win my book, Beyond Sugar Shock. (Just subscribe to my mailing list and get free gifts at http://www.connie-bennett.com — I’m sending out info soon.)
    Of course, you could always buy it, too.
    Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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