Make Yummy, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Sorbet, Thanks to the Dessert Bullet

Photos Jan. 14, 2014 053Do you you crave ice cream or sorbet but are frustrated because you just can’t find any frozen desserts that are s healthy — I mean, really healthy as in organic, no sugar, no dairyno gluten, no agave, no added sugars and no artificial sweeteners?

Wouldn’t it be nice to easily, quickly get delectable, healthy frozen dessert that’s:organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, low in calories and carbs and containing no artificial sweeteners, honey or other sweeteners?

I know that’s a pretty tall order, but you can actually quickly make this delicious dessert all by yourself, thanks to the amazing new contraption, the Dessert Bullet, from the makers of the Magic Bullet and the Nutri Bullet both of of which are also wonderful. (In fact, I made a super healthy shake this morning using the latter, which is promoted by raw food expert David Wolfe.)

Anyhow, to your left is a photo I took of last night’s after-dinner dessert, Organic, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Raspberry Sorbet, which I made, thanks to my new Dessert Bullet. (I added some unsweetened shredded coconut. Oh, and I placed the dessert on top of my wonderful Zeolite Earth Energy Plate from VibesUp )

I just love my new culinary gadget. Yesterday, I went to a local Bed Bath and Beyond to get my Dessert healthy sorbetBullet. (I didn’t want to wait it to arrive via mail even though it comes with a cookbook.)

This afternoon, I enjoyed a Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Frozen Blueberry Dessert. (I balanced my blood sugar by adding an organic hard-boiled egg right before.)

What’s so amazing is that all I used to make this pretty, great-tasting dessert were frozen blueberries (1 cup). Then I topped the dessert with some cinnamon, shredded coconut and some cacao nibs.

I love this invention! It’s great for those of us, who seek to eat healthily but are frustrated, because we can’t ever have sorbet or ice cream when dining out.

Wow, I can even make chocolate ice cream with this recipe! (I would divide it up into three portions so as not to take in too many carbs at once.)

Full Disclosure: I’m NOT being paid by the Dessert Bullet to mention this product, which I purchased last night at Bed Bath and Beyond in my area. I just like to share great products from time to time with readers. Learn about another great find, too, the NoOodle and The Miracle Noodle.

Join the Conversation: If you buy this incredible gizmo, what will you make first?