Today’s Feel-Good Tune is Waka Waka! Get A Fun Song Every Day in Smart Habits Fans on Facebook!

Dance-funky Today’s Feel-Good Tune is “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” from Shakira.

This Feel-Good Tune of the Day is a new fun feature in the Smart Habits Fans on Facebook.

Every day, in Smart Habits Fans, you’ll find another upbeat, exhilarating, cheery, confidence-generating Feel-Good Tune that at cheers you up, empowers you, and lifts you to a great place!

Shakira Waka Waka Dance (1) Right now, when you can, take just a few minutes — the song’s only a quick break — and get up and boogie!

So how does this amazing song, Waka Waka make you feel?

It’s far better and sweeter than food, junk food or sugary chocolate, isn’t it?

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Watch now.

By the way, I got the idea for posting a Feel-Good Tune of the Day on the Smart Habits Fans page on Facebook, because I need to come up with ways to get away from the computer — I need to cut back on my constant exposure to those harmful EMFs or electromagnetic fields from my computer, etc. (When on deadline, as I cam now for my next book, The Sugar Shock Diet,  I tend to put in 10, 12, 14 hours a day, and all that electropollution has been dragging me down. So it’s time for Feel-Good Breaks! Learn more about the dangers of electropollution on my recent Gab with the Gurus Radio Show.

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Been writing too long on the computer. Time to get away from those EMFs. It’s dancing time to Waka Waka!

Learn about the making of Waka Waka.

So, how do you feel after listening to this tune?