Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Should You Go?

IIN - n25111276360_3734 This month, as usual, more people have sought me out to quiz me about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I went to school.

Often, special, positive-thinking, health-minded folks track me down to ask me if they should attend this world's largest nutrition school

Given that I'm on deadline for my next book, The Sugar Shock Diet for the amazing publisher, Hay House, I'll quickly answer your questions.

(FYI, this is the follow-up book to my first book, Sugar Shock, which I was researching and writiing while attending IIN.) 

Please note that while I can share my personal experiences, I'm not an IIN staffer. I am, however, an Ambassador though now — a very part-time thing I took on so people can ask me about the school.

What I've found is that inevitably, people ask the same questions over and over again. That's why I've prepared a number of blog posts to to help you out.

First, let me refer you to perhaps the best place for answers about IIN. 

Get your IIN questions answered here:

You can find even more replies here:

You can even listen to me participate in a special IIN program here:

And you can get yummy recipes for kale chips and scallops here: and then here:

As you can tell, I've written about IIN a lot over the years. I even ecstatically shared when I graduated from the school in 2006:

Of course, you'll have more questions, too. So get your questions answered liveinstance on July 21 or July 28.

Here's how to attend an Info Session.

By the way, I also found this post, which includes a little info about me at the bottom.

And I just noticed that I've been added to the Notable Alumni list. Cool!

One thing that I loved about IIN is how people are encouraged to follow their passion and find one area where you can most help people.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a Sugar Freedom Expert. My mission is to help people release their sugar or carb addiction. You can sign up for the self-guided program here).

By the way if you've "fallen flat on your face" by making dietary goofs galore, here are some tips to get you back on track that appear on my Huffington Post blog.

If you're an IIN grad or someone considering attending IIN, feel free to write to us. And make sure to let me and them know if you attend!

Disclosure: Yes, if you attend IIN and give my name as your referrer, I will receive a little something. Of course, I'd appreciate this contribution, which naturally goes to help me continue to serve people around the world.

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