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Why You Should Become a Cravings Ninja™, Too

Whenever I meet people (such as at recent Bulletproof and Tony Robbins conferences), people are excited and intrigued when they discover that people refer to me as The Cravings Ninja™.

Almost always, they want to know more.

It’s time to explain the phrase I was given about three  years ago.

To begin, my goal now as  Your Cravings Ninja™, is to lead you to Sweet Victory  over those tempting sugary, fatty junk foods.

As The Cravings Ninja, I’m here to guide you to easily, effortlessly, stomp out your wild, irrational, overpowering urges for nutrient-deprived snacks and meals.

Why do people call  me The Cravings Ninja™?

By its definition, a ninja is someone, who excels in a particular skill of activity.

Those mythical 12th century warriors infiltrated and went to battle against particular enemies.

Although ninjas often had to be violent,  I’m here to lead you into peaceful battle against sugary, fatty, salty non-foods.

Think about it. You can try umpteen diets, but you’ll never shed pounds and then keep them off for good unless you Crush Your Cravings for Good™.

So here’s how I became The Cravings Ninja.

Although I’ve been sugar-free eating minimal carbs (always quality carbs) since 1998, it took my having  Crazy Cravings™ and a Carb Relapse in late 2012 after my Mom passed away for me to really “get” this concept more deeply and fully than ever before.

As I shared in 2013, the catalyst for my Crazy Cravings and subsequent Carb Relapse was after I’d endured the worst year of my life helplessly watching my Mom get ravaged by cancer, which made her often become quite mean, irrational and abusive while she was losing the battle to this deadly disease.

Presto! With Mom gone, Crazy Cravings hit hard and often while I was walloped by grief, despair and a really bad case of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

While learning to Crush My Cravings, I realized that I needed to become smart, secretive and subtle like a ninja so I could  help you succeed, too.

So for the last five years, I’ve been researching researching, creating and testing many fast, easy, science-based healing tools and fast ways to crush your wild urges for junk foods.

Then one day, someone learning about how I help you Crush Your Cravings used the phrase ninja to describe what I do. The phrase stuck. I became The Cravings Ninja™ for you.

As Your Cravings Ninja, my goal is to show you how to easily, quickly combat and assassinate your ferocious urges for sweets, fast carbs and other unhealthy foods.

I will continue to guide you to slash through the easiest, most powerful, science-based tools so you can kick your cravings to the curb.

My goal is to give you the best tips to leave behind your desire for sugar, salt and fatty junk foods.

Here are ways I’m your 24-7 Cravings Ninja.

  1. You’ll find posts every week (on Cravings-Crushing Mondays) on this blog,
  2. You get three fast, easy tools in my free Quick-Start Guide, 3 Super-Simple Secrets to Crush Your Cravings.
  3. You’ll also be able to take my new Crush Your Cravings for Good PlayCamp. (More about that later.)

More About What it Means to be a Cravings Ninja

Here are things you’ll discover here, on my blog, and in my upcoming course and book. You’ll:

  • Discover specialized, superhuman Ninja Cravings-Crushing tools. (Yes, you’ll impress friends and loved ones, who feel trapped by their cravings.)
  • Find out how to use simple, effective methods to honorably wage war against junk foods. (What’s even better is that no one will even know you’re doing this!)
  • Learn powerful ways to triumph in the junk-foods jungle.
  • Learn how to avoid fast, nutrient-poor snacks without them being aware of your existence. (That’s what great ninjas did.)
  • Get the scoop on how to become a Cravings Ninja yourself.
  • Learn remarkably simple, powerful, cravings-crushing tactics in a few seconds or a couple of minutes.
  • Discover how to to tackle the treacherous supermarket without needing anything but your smartphone or copies of some of these tactics.
  • How to quickly bounce back if you do cave into your cravings. (It’s no biggie if you “fall off the wagon.” I’ve got you covered.).
  • And much more… Stay tuned.

Just know that as Your Cravings Ninja, I’m determined to help you slash unhealthy sugary, salty, fatty sort-of foods out of your life for good.

Begin to imagine. You can become a Cravings Ninja, too. Around you, those sugary, salty, fatty junk foods don’t stand a chance.

Pretty cool, right?

What is one word to describe how you’d feel if you, too, became a Cravings Ninja?



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