Attract Abundance with Steve G. Jones

Steve G Jones World renowned hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones was the guest earlier this week as part of the Sweeter Holiday Summit, which is presenting 35+ experts in the fields of health, wellness, fitness, Law of Attraction, wealth and personal empowerment.

In his Sweeter Holiday Summit program, Steve showed you How to Feel Filled Up (Not Deprived) at Holiday Parties & How to Tap Into Your Wealth Mindset, Starting Now.

You’ll love the short (about 5 mins.) hypnosis session, in which Steve guided you to modest amounts and not to overindulge at holiday parties. He also led us through another fabulous session to help you attract abundance.

In this exciting program:

  • You’ll discover how your internal thinking limits your external success.
  • You’ll get tips on how to avoid making the biggest mistake—failing to believe in yourself.
  • You’ll also find out how to re-train your inner dialogue whenever it becomes negative
  • You’ll learn what you can do to combat frustration.
  • You’ll find out about the value (for many) of a “A Guilt-Free Play Plan”
  • You’ll get pointers on how to distance yourself from a situation that may appear to be negative.
  • You’ll discover how to tap into the abudance mentality.
  • And much more.

The exciting Sweeter Holiday Summit replay is available for free until Sunday so that you can benefit from these amazing tips.

Because you’re so busy this holiday season, you can upgrade any time to the Sweetest VIP All-Access to listen anytime to all 35+ speakers in the Sweeter Holiday Summit. That way, you’ll gain admission to a private website to be inspired whenever you want from these amazing speakers.

Some of the amazing experts coming up include:

  • Marilyn Migliore, an emotional eating expert
  • Marilee Tolen, an aromatherapist and holistic nurse and
  • Weight loss Brad King, who will help you to lose — not gain weight — this holiday season

To sign up for FREE to listen to all the experts presented in the Sweeter Holiday Summit, just go here:

Special thanks to Tanya Lily-Reid for help on this blog post.

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