Cruise Through The Holidays with FlyLady (Marla Cilley)

Flylady_toon Wow! What a fabulous program with FlyLady (Marla Cilley) earlier this week as part of the Sweeter Holiday Summit.

She brought her southern charm and humor to help us all get organized and “cruise” through the holidays—and beyond.

In this fabulous program, Marla talked about her own battle with her annual New Year’s Resolutions—which always failed—to get organized until she realized the battle was not with organization but with herself and her drive for perfection. And that theme—perfection—is something so many of us struggle with not just during the holidays but all year long.

Here are just a few of the highlights from our Sweeter Holiday Summit program:

  • Discover how to “Crisis Clean” (cleaning with a purpose).
  • Get the scoop on the importance of having a workable schedule to prevent overload.
  • Find out which day FlyLady says is “Plan and Play Day” and why.
  • Learn which day is “Anti-Procrastination Day” (and don’t we all need that).
  • Find out what “Hit a lick at a snake” means!

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When you sign up, you'll also get a chance to listen to the fabulous programs with “The Ageless Sisters” Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver, self-esteem expert Dr. Joe Rubino and mind/body expert Mark Patrick, who will talk about how to keep those holiday pounds at bay.

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Special thanks to Tanya Lily-Reid for help with this post.

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