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3 Ways Gratitude Helps

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It’s now officially the week to be grateful (at least in the United States.) But of course, no matter where you live, it’s you want to be thankful every single day. Of course, on Thanksgiving, you want to be especially grateful. Now discover 3 Ways Gratitude Helps. You’ll feel physically better: Researchers from the University […]

"I Blew My Diet! Now What?"

Do Junk Foods Make You Depressed?

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When you’re depressed, do you turn to junk foods? Then, do you get more depressed and gobble more junk foods? For years, I’ve suspected and been convinced that there’s a bona fide connection. Now yet another study, this one in Public Health Nutrition supports this junk foods-give-you-junky moods theory. Read the conclusion of this study in […]

I Blew My Diet! Now What?

Which Book Would You Buy?

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“I blew my diet! Now what?” Have you ever repulsively made a retort similar to that after you mindlessly polished off yet another bag of processed potato chips, a large bucket of movie popcorn, or an enormous slice of chocolate cake? At last, it’s time for my big reveal. Five-plus years ago, after losing my […]

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Is Diet a Dirty Word?

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Is Diet a Dirty Word? What do you think? Let’s face it. In certain circles these days, people steer clear of the word “diet,” because it’s deemed politically incorrect. More important, it may mean deprivation, restriction, frustration, difficulty or even struggle. Here’s the catch. What other word should I use to convey that you’re cleaning […]