Wondering if SUGAR SHOCK! Is For You? See Some Praise for the Book

Have you had a chance to read SUGAR SHOCK! yet? Wondering if this book is for you? Rather than convince you myself, let me share a sampling of some of the words of praise this book has received.

Let’s first see what Library Journal had to say:

"As more of us rely on premade food, we are increasingly ingesting huge amounts of simple sugars and simple carbohydrates—and it’s playing havoc with our health. Such is the premise of Sinatra and journalist Bennett’s book, an examination of how excess sugar can affect our physical and mental health and how we can reduce our consumption of it. Bennett describes her own odyssey from self-described "sugar shrew" to a kicker of the habit, while Sinatra explains the medical viewpoint, particularly in regard to cardiovascular health, his specialty. …it’s solid on information; a good choice to update your collection in this area."—Susan B. Hagloch, formerly with the Tuscarawas Cty. P.L., New Philadelphia, OH

Now, read TIME magazine’s take:

"…trots out a Who’s Who of prominent nutritionists who support Bennett’s argument that sugar is the road to physical ruin. The evidence is in, and it’s depressing."

Then, Brandon Daviet gave his verdict on BlogCritics.com:

"…Sugar Shock excels as one of the better written self-help books around. Packed with well-researched facts and helpful suggestions, it is no surprise that the book is garnering great reviews…  It’s this collection of opinions from over 250 doctors, and even lawyers, hailing from respected institutions like Harvard and Yale, as opposed to the lesser known experts that you see on late night `infomercials,’ that make Sugar Shock stand out… In addition, the book is co-written by Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. who helps bring another level of credibility, and readability, to the pages of Sugar Shock. No matter if you’re battling obesity, trying to protect your children’s health, or just curious about one of the worlds most loved `guilty pleasures,’ Sugar Shock is an interesting and important read that offers solutions and strategies to reduce sugar intake and improve your health that go far beyond just condemning chocolate bars and moon pies."

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Back to more reactions to SUGAR SHOCK!

Sarah White over at CalorieLab.com also wrote an intriguing review of SUGAR SHOCK! Here’s how she ends her piece:

"If you’re suffering from unexplained symptoms that are puzzling you and your doctor, reading this book could shed some light on your problem. Or if you’re one of those people who is interested in becoming as healthy as possible, you’ll find this book interesting reading that just might change your outlook on the food you use to fuel your body."

Meanwhile, many health experts also have praised the book, including some of the biggest names in nutrition today. You can see the endorsements received to date here, but here are some of them:

“Connie’s work spills the beans on the shocking impact of simple carbohydrates on aging and quality of life—a double whammy for humanity.”
— Mehmet Oz, M.D., coauthor of the # 1 New York Times bestseller,
YOU: The Owner’s Manual

"This is really a stunning piece of work — a major contribution to the popular literature on blood sugar and carbohydrate addiction. Connie Bennett is a tireless researcher who has gone to great lengths to get the facts right and to explain them in an interesting and user-friendly way. She also managed to interview the absolute best minds in the field of diet and health. Steve Sinatra has been in the forefront of integrative medicine for a long time and is one of my favorite go-to doctors. Together they have produced a book that really should be read by everyone interested in improving their health."
— Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S., author, The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth (Jan. 2007, Fair Winds Press) and Living the Low Carb Life: Choosing the Diet That’s Right For You, From Atkins to Zone

“When I finally decided to turn my life around through exercise and better nutrition, one of the first things I did was give up eating refined, processed sugar. SUGAR SHOCK! by Connie Bennett is the definitive look at how Americans are simply eating too much sugar and how this is having a profound negative impact on millions of people. This well-researched book should be considered must reading for anyone interested in the complex health discussion underway in America today!”
— Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

"If you can’t say `no’ to foods made with sugar or processed, white flour, then you will want to read Connie Bennett’s SUGAR SHOCK! as it provides a powerful overview of the enormous damage that processed foods and sugar causes ….. Connie’s exhaustively researched, easy-to-read book — which she wrote with one of my medical heroes, natural cardiology expert. Dr. Stephen Sinatra — reveals the not-so-sweet truth that some enlightened nutritionists have known for some time now: Too much sugar and refined carbohydrates could make you very sick — and maybe even kill you. But SUGAR SHOCK! gives you hope as it is loaded with many practical tools and resources that can help you and your family avoid disease and enjoy life.."
— Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder, www.Mercola.com, the # 1 ranked natural health website

“This book is long overdue. Millions of people, including me, have been plagued by their relationship with Sugar, and Connie Bennett has done a superb job bringing the topic into the public’s eye. I wholeheartedly recommend SUGAR SHOCK! to anyone interested in improving their health.” 
— Film producer Harvey Weinstein (“Chicago,” “The English Patient,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Life is Beautiful,” “Good Will Hunting,” and many more)

“Wow! This is an impressive, exceptional expose and self-help work! Just about every American—or anyone who regularly eats sugar and processed carbs—needs to read this eye-opening, hard-hitting, and ultimately inspiring book.”
— Oz Garcia, Ph.D., “nutritionist to the stars” and author of Look and Feel Fabulous Forever 

This book is `Brain Candy’ for the smart consumer!”
— Actress/Author Marilu Henner

"You’re hooked from the first chapter…"
— # 1 Bestselling Author Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D.

In addition, readers have been writing to me directly, with their thoughts about SUGAR SHOCK!. Here are just a few remarks I’ve received:

"I’m LOVING your book! Thanks for writing it. It is already making a difference in my life. I am taking it to show my integrative medicine M.D. next week!"

"I just received your book today (ordered from Barnes and Noble online), and after reading just a few chapters, I began to realize that my lifelong search for what’s wrong with me may be hypoglycemia! My paternal grandparents had Type II diabetes, and my younger brother was diagnosed with hypoglycemia as a teenager. I have suffered from weight problems, sugar cravings, mild depression, anxiety, fatigue, mood swings, etc. for years. Doctors could not find anything wrong on medical tests, and I began to think I must be losing my mind! However, I am now quite certain that hypoglycemia could be the problem. Now, I’m ready to get my life back at age 44! …Thank you so much for your book and the Godsend it has become."
— Tammy

"Connie, my mother purchased your newest book SUGAR SHOCK! for me yesterday. I am so amazed — I absolutely love it. This book is like another Bible for me. …Connie, thank you, thank you, thank you. I think I knew this would be a really good book when I read the little story you wrote about you and Mark at that seaside restaurant. I’ve been there too, though not as extreme. THANK YOU!"
— Amy from New Brunswick, Canada

"I purchased Sugar Shock! at Costco over last weekend, and I have already read it! It was a real eye-opener, and I have launched my campaign to dump sugar from my diet. Thanks for your outstanding work!

"I already got your book and I love it! I bought it at a Barnes and Noble store. …Right now I am pregnant and have been free of most sugars (but not stressing about tiny amounts in dressings and bread and things) for a month and a half. This pregnancy is SOOOO much better than my last. I have energy. Sure, I get tired and have to take naps, but I’m tired and then I take a nap and then I feel good. I’m not dragging around all day. My out-of-control weight gain has been halted. I’m still gaining but not as quickly. And I know the weight I am gaining is quality building materials for a baby. The biggest reason I am doing this, though, is that last time I had a baby, not eating sugar cured my post-partum depression. This time, I’m trying to avoid it in the first place. … Anyway, I did just want to let you know I liked your book. It’s better than Lick the Sugar Habit and better than Sugar Busters. It’s the best book on the subject I’ve ever read."
— Erin

"I bought your book the day after it came out. I’m reading it now and it’s AMAZING! You are the best!!!!"
— Sabrina

"Love your book..I ordered it as soon as it was available on Amazon… What a great lot of research you did…. Now I feel it is up to me to pass it on to family and friends… Hopefully they will want a copy! I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia over 25 years ago by a naturopath and since it was not a recognized disease… …Wish I had it back [in 2005] when I finally decided to stop playin games with sugar……………."

"I just wanted to let you know that I brought your book and am really enjoying it. Learning a lot, too!!! and also confirming what I have known…Congratulations again on your book. It is a great contribution to our health!!!"
— Rochelle

"I thought it was great!"
— Salina

"Reading Sugar Shock! is a watershed event that started with this book. I’ve felt tired, had the blues, out-of-control with cravings, humiliated, lackluster, and FAT for years now. To sum up Connie’s book in a word: WOW! …No other book I’ve read on it (starting with Sugar Blues in the 80s) has motivated me to get off the junk. …Coincidentally, I serendipitously picked up her book at Barnes and Noble when I went to get another book that didn’t pan out. But hers did. …I’ve recommended Sugar Shock! to a co-worker who is having trouble with her daughter’s emotional and physical health. I offered to loan it to her, but she wanted her own copy. I was relieved as I’m rereading it now and have marked it all up anyway. …"Disclaimer: LOL, no, I don’t know the author and am not being paid for this endorsement. But it’s that good and seeing that someone may be misunderstanding the intent of the author, I was prompted to speak up. I haven’t had many life-changing and life-saving books, but this is definitely one of them. THANK YOU, CONNIE, FOR HAVING WRITTEN THIS BOOK! It has the potential of… being on the cutting edge of saving millions of lives. That is not an exaggeration, IMO. I wrote a review on Amazon. This book deserves more than the usual five stars, that’s for sure.
— Pat

"I finished your book and it was fantastic. You did a great job, girl!!!"
— Charletta,
a long-time member of my free, online KickSugar group

"…I have my copy of SUGAR SHOCK! and two more copies for family members. Blessings on you for having the courage to take a stand on this sugar epidemic." 
— Trudy

"I bought your book a few weeks ago and read it in two days!! Couldn’t take my hands off of it! I have been sugar free and processed food free (white flour and packaged stuff) for 7 weeks and starting on my 8th! I lost 20 pounds in the process!!" …I only wish that I had had half the info I know now, because maybe I could have saved my best friend…, who ate himself to death. But his death won’t be in vain!! I am using my grief to propel me to keep on going and to inspire others as well!!!…"
— Natalie

"Never thought I would be able to talk about life without sugar for more than 3 days. I am in the process of getting rid of sugar from my diet, and am proud (and SHOCKED) to say that I have been refined sugar-free for 16 days. My personal record before this was 8 days (a rarity, most of the time it was 2 or 3 days!) Truly, honestly, I have Sugar Shock! to thank for helping me finally kick the habit. In reading about how sugar sets up a subclinical infammation that can cause so many diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, etc, it really helped me to gain perspective on my habit."
— Susan

If you’d like to hear directly from the readers themselves, check out some Amazon reviews here.

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Connie Bennett is the bestselling author of Sugar Shock (Berkley Books) and Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House), one or both of which have been praised by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman and many others. Connie is now dedicated to discovering and sharing fast, super-simple, science-based secrets to Crush Your Cravings. (Her renewed interest in this topic began in late 2012, when she was walloped by Crazy Carb Cravings after losing her mother . She is now completing her next book, Crush Your Cravings On the Go™ and creating the companion Crush Your Cravings System.

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