Bid Bye-Bye to Your Sugar Habit! Break Free With Me & Begin to Get a Beach Body in Only 4 Weeks, Starting June 8

Are you tired of feeling trapped and imprisoned by your out-of-control habit of eating candies, cookies and crackers?

Do you feel discouraged, overwhelmed and frustrated because—no matter how many different diets or programs you've tried—you still haven't overcome your "addiction" to sweets and processed carbs?

Do you feel aggravated because your weight packs on rather than peels off?

Are you scared that type 2 diabetes or heart disease are out to get you because you eat so poorly?

Are you at wit's end as to how to stop your debilitating, dangerous behavior?

Are you agonized because every time you commit to stop sweets—always with the best of intentions—you inevitably fail and end up packing in piles of potato chips, pasta and pretty desserts?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, I can help you—and in only 4 weeks.

You do not have to suffer! Sign up now to easily, quickly, permanently rise above your unsavory, sad sugar situation!

As my clients will happily attest, you can dispose and discard your sugar habit (or obsession) as you would old, rotten, disgusting food!

You CAN have a wondrous future.

Hope lies in store for you.

Impatient to kick your sugar habit and get going? Just sign up now to Break Free and Soar With Glee.

Now, I invite you to get your imagination going. See yourself not being a prisoner to your destructive food habits. Envision your finally breaking free of sugar and excess weight.

Yes, this is your chance to finally break free of your sugar addiction and Stop Sugar Shock!

Dare to Dream of a Life Without Your Sugar or Carb Habit

See yourself:

  • Enjoying a life full of energy, enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Not being held hostage by your horrible habit. In other words, you're free!
  • Not feeling so out of control.
  • Easily, effortlessly turning down sweet snacks and quickie-carb "treats."
  • Not needing or wanting desserts so much.
  • Being more enticed and excited by your passions, hobbies, favorite sports, friends, etc. than sweet temptations.
  • Feeling joyous, proud and self-confident because you said "No!" to sugar the day before.

Would you like to feel:

  • Free from worry about weight?
  • Full of glee, zest and pizzazz?
  • Amazing—both physically and emotionally?
  • Energized, enthusiastic and excited?
  • Fulfilled by your activities, pursuits and loved ones?
  • Completely free of a desire or need to plan or plot to eat your next sugary or carb snack?
  • Released from the fatigue, headaches, brain fog and mood swings that hit you after consuming those quickie carbs?
  • Like you’ve been reborn?

Sign up now to make all of that come true.

Imagine Quitting Sweets to Live A Glorious Life

I invite you to envision how much your life will improve after you stomp out your sugar habit.

Get a picture in your mind's eye of how you'll spend your time and how you'll feel once you're released from the bondage of your frustrating sugar habit.

  • Will you be more present with your loved ones?
  • Will you have more energy so you can start new hobbies you've always wanted to try?
  • Will you enjoy more fulfilling, amorous moments with your significant other?
  • Will you enjoy exercising as never before?
  • Will you finally be able to buy cute clothes in smaller sizes?
  • Will you feel better about yourself?
  • Will you feel pride in yourself for the first time in years?
  • Will you want to take time out for a massage or bubble bath because you feel so much better about your body? 
  • Will you find more time to relax and travel?
  • Will your skin feel and look better?
  • Will you wonder why you spent all that time trapped in your sugar addiction?

All of these and much more are awaiting you if you take control of your sugar habit now.

Take action to kick your health-harming addiction.

Sign up now to Break Free and Soar With Glee.

Yes, you CAN break free in only 4 weeks in the Stop Sugar Shock! Program™.

I'll be honest with you. This program is not for everyone. You must be:

  • Serious about kicking sugar or drastically cutting back on it.
  • Willing to at least pretend optimism, even if you're not feeling it.
  • Committed to losing weight, boosting your moods, improving your concentration or getting along better with loved ones.
  • Willing to do all of the interactive exercise, activities and inner work. (Yes, you'll be assigned things to do, because most of your changing will take place when we're not together.)
  • Determined to fight your maddening, enslaving sugar addiction.
  • Eager to change your life for the better — and now. 
  • Craving a different life — one where you're happier and more self confident.

If you're committed and determined to look and feel better this summer, then sign up now for my Break Free With Connie teleseminar/webinar program, which begins next Monday, June 8 at 8 pm EST.

Given that many are struggling in this uncertain economy, I've slashed the price to a mere $99 for all 4 weeks. But you need to act quickly. On June 6, the fee goes up to $149. (Still a low fee in deference to the economic challenges many of you are having.)

So are you serious about looking better for the summer?

If so, sign up now for this 4-week, life-changing program.

Now read testimonials from happy clients. You'll also get more detailed information about this program at

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