“The Weight-Loss Habits of Successful Losers”: What Do You Think of My New Book Title?

My next book (the follow-up to SUGAR SHOCK!) is no longer called The White-Out Diet. And it's not The Better Habits Diet.

Instead, the new title is: The Weight-Loss Secrets of Highly Successful Losers.

The subtitle is: The Simple Diet to Slim Down, Boost Energy, Rev Up Your Libido & Become Happier in Only 21 Days..

It was very exciting how the name came to me. I had temporarily decided to go for The Better Habits Diet, but the new title just hit me out of the blue while walking around Book Expo America last weekend with my provocative sandwich board. It wasn't even anything in particular that I saw which triggered the idea. Perhaps it was just being around all those wonderful books?

Anyhow, to learn
more about The Weight-Loss Secrets of Highly Successful Losers, see new graphics and become a VIP Super Friend at my new site, http://www.BetterHabitsDiet.com.

I'll post more info there shortly.

In addition, soon,
www.SuccessfulLosers.com will also be launched.

What do you think of this new book title: The Weight-Loss Secrets of Highly Successful Losers?