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Gratitude Week: Day 4 — On Optimism, Managing Stress & Being Spiritual

Louise Hay Gratitude Quote 002 Gratitude Week — which came about because of my scary accident, where I smashed head first into glass (as you can learn from the following press
— continued today on my Gab with the Gurus Radio Show with yet another amazing program.

For Day 4 of Gratitude Week, five articulate, empowering guests shared their insights on the amazing connection between gratitude and becoming optimistic, reducing stress and becoming more spiritual.

Before I tell you about Day 4's guests, you have to learn about this remarkable coincidence.

Much to my delight, as I peeled off today's affirmation on my calendar from internationally acclaimed metaphysical author, speaker and inspirational teacher Louise Hay, I found that it focuses on gratitude!

What are the odds of such a thing occurring? Many people say that there are no coincidences. Whatever the case, on Day 4 of Gratitude Week on Gab with the Gurus — triggered by my painful, but life-affirming accident — my Louise Hay calendar spoke to us about the power of gratitude!

Anyhow, these were Day 4's wonderful guests.

Thursday, July 22: Gratitude Week: On Optimism, Managing Stress,
Getting in Balance & Being Spiritual

  • Dr. Terry Paulson, a psychologist, professional speaker,
    columnist and author of the new book, The Optimism Advantage.
  • Howard Martin, author of The Heart Math Solution and
    founding member
    of, which researches the heart-brain connection and
    develops science-based solutions to reduce stress and improve
  • Mary Treacy O’Keefe, co-founder and president of Well Within
    in St. Paul, Minnesota. Uses gratitude for stress reduction and
    spiritual growth.
  • Nora Firestone, journalist and founder of
    , a Web-based forum for posting (and discovering)
    stories of gratitude to "recognize, affirm and honor" the people who've
    made a difference in your life.
  • Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression, founder
    of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, and a leader in the field of
    yoga and mental health. Amy’s evidence-based yoga protocol is featured
    on the award-winning DVD series LifeForce Yoga to Beat the Blues.

Listen to the show now.

Thanks to the photo I took of my Louise Hay calendar for the artwork contained on this post.

Please note, as you no doubt can guess, that I'm very much a fan of Hay House, the international leader in self-help and transformational publishing. As you may have read here, I recently announced that this wonderful company will be publishing my next book, the follow up to Sugar Shock! Stay tuned for your last chance to help name my next book.

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