Great YouTube Video from “Beat Sugar Addiction Now” Doc

Teitelbaum I invite you to check out this really cool YouTube video from cutting-edge physician, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, who is author of the exciting new book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now! 

People often ask me why do I recommend other sugar books when I'm author of the bestselling book Sugar Shock!

I suggest that you buy other books about sugar (as well as mine, of course), because each book offers a different perspective. In fact, I think Beat Sugar Addiction Now! is a good complement to my book, and it contains some fabulous insights so that you can find out which of four sugar types you are.

FYI, recently, I'm a fan of Dr. Teitelbaum's, and recently I presented a program with him on “12 Tips to Let Go of Your Sugar Addiction” so you can lose weight, boost your energy and get rid of that "monkey" on your back.

You can sign up up here and get a link to listen to the audio replay of our program together.

Now watch Dr. Teitelbaum's cool YouTube video.