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Healthy Halloween Tips

On National Sugar Overload Day — my phrase for Halloween — millions of children and adults alike will be lured like flies into a spider trap to eat and probably pig out on sugar-laden candies.

This established sugar-gorging holiday also often stresses out frazzled parents, who just don’t know how to deal with their little “Sugar Monsters” once they come home from trick ‘r treating.

To help you make this sugar-centered holiday one that isn’t fraught with frustration, I’ve often interviewed a number of experts, who give you some simple tips on how to how your kids can have fun and how to make Halloween more healthy.

Check out this week’s Gab with the Gurus Show to listen to easy tips from a team of stellar experts. You will hear easily doable ideas from:

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On this Gab with the Gurus Show — which will be a repeat from a previous show — will discover:

  • How your kids can start the night on a healthy note before they go go trick’r treating.
  • here your children should put the candies when they get back from trick’r treating.
  • How to have some fun turning the edible candies into something non-edible.
  • What your kids should not use on Halloween night so they won’t look like “Santa’s little elves.”
  • What one “rule” you can create when kids have come home with their candy “loot.”
  • How children can create less of a jolt on their pancreas.
  • How to trade toys for something even more fun than sweets.
  • How to burn off the sugar when they get home.
  • How to make candies do some good.
  • Another simple thing your kids should do in advance.
  • Ways your kids can have fun on Halloween but that doesn’t involve candy.

Listen to our fun Gab with the Gurus Show now. Please take note that this show was previously called Stop Sugar Shock Show.)

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