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News for Sugar Addicts: Sugar Shock’s Successor is on the Way — Please Help Me Name the New Book

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Are you a sugar addict?  Would you like to easily shed excess weight? Do you often get headaches, “brain fog” and fatigue? And are you suffering from a low libido, severe PMS or infertility?

Either way, this is for you.

I’m really excited and thrilled to announce that – after repeated requests from many of you – the follow-up book to my book Sugar Shock is on the way.

Hay House images Sugar Shock’s successor is coming to you, thanks to my new publisher, Hay House, which is the international leader in self-help and transformational publishing.

How will my next book help you sugar addicts? Well, let’s face it, cutting out – or even cutting back – on sugar and refined carbs is really tough for most people.

In fact, sugar addiction is a challenging situation to solve EVEN if you know that overcoming it can help you to lose weight, get more energy, boost your libido, prevent or reverse diabetes and live longer.

So, in my follow-up book to Sugar Shock, you’ll get valuable tools and tips that will make letting go of your sugar addiction simple – and even fun.

Keep reading, because I'm inviting you to share some ideas for my next book's title. (You can even invite your friends and loved ones to weigh in with titles — just send them here ==== >>>>

How is Sugar Shock Different from my Next Book?

Naturally, you may be wondering how this new book will be different from my first book, Sugar Shock.

Sugar Shock is primarily an exposé that spotlights sugar’s many dangers. One of my goals is for it to shock you into wanting to kick your bad habit. For instance, this book includes scary information about the link between excess sweets and obesity, memory loss, mood swings, troubled relationships, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, female problems and early aging.

On the other hand, my next book will give you a simple, compassionate, step-by-step plan to help you stop sugar shock and break free of your sugar habit for good.

In other words, my first book Sugar Shock dishes the sour DIRT about sweets. Now, my intention with Sugar Shock’s baby (so to speak) is to tell you HOW to ditch desserts and get a healthier, happier, longer and much sweeter life.

After reading my new book, you will — I hope and believe — escape sugar shock, easily release weight, say goodbye to mid-afternoon crashes, experience joyous freedom, look and feel better than you have in years, and build a better life in the bedroom, if you catch my drift. (You'll also get many other benefits.)

In this follow-up book to Sugar

  • You’ll get many tried-and-true tactics — ones I created, starting in 1998, when I kicked sugar on doctor's orders and ones recommended by dozens of other health experts. You'll also benefit from my 12 years of coaching or connecting with sugar addicts around the world. (Yes, this year marks a dozen years of helping people to achieve sugar liberation.)
  • You'll undertake simple, interactive adventurcises™ (my word for adventurous exercises), which will drive you to major self-discoveries.. 
  • You’ll find out several dozen ways to stomp out your sugar
  • You’ll learn what sugar color code you are. (Yes, we're all different in our relationship with sweets, and this knowledge will empower you to make the right choices for you.) 
  • You’ll detox gradually so that your body, mind and even soul won’t go into shock as you move away from your sugar obsessions.
  • You’ll get healthy meal plans and tasty recipes from a recognized nutritionist and exercise physiologist. 
  • You’ll learn to Enjoy a Sweeter Life Without Refined Sweets™.
  • And much more.

Calling all Creative People: Please Help Us to Name My New Book

Dear readers, please help me to name my upcoming book.

You see, although I know what I’m including in the follow-up to Sugar Shock — thanks to questions and feedback I've received from many of you — my wonderful Hay House editor and I still haven’t settled on the book's title.

We have a number of thoughts, but right now, we’re going to let ideas percolate for the next week or two. So would you be kind enough to give us your input?

Since you’re my target audience, what is a title — and subtitle — that would entice you to buy this follow-up book to Sugar Shock?

If my Hay House editor and I pick your title, you'll get several gifts.

  1. You’ll get one hour of complimentary coaching from me very soon.
  2. You’ll get complimentary admission to an audio replay of my Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program, which includes access to a private, members-only website. (Learn more at
  3. And you’ll be one of the very first people to get a copy of my new book, the follow-up to Sugar Shock.
  4. That's not all. You'll also get my profound gratitude.
  5. Then, I'll thank you in the book.
  6. And I'll also spotlight you here, on my Sugar Shock Blog.

Even if we don't pick your title, you'll still get a gift from me. I plan to host a teleseminar just for people who've contributed title ideas. In the program, you can ask me questions, get tips to break free and more. 

Please share your great ideas for book titles now. What should my follow-up book to Sugar Shock be called? And, in your opinion, what is the best subtitle? 

Gratitude Moment

Now, before I part, let me take a Gratitude Moment. I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my new friends at Hay House for deciding to help me help you by agreeing to bring my follow-up book to Sugar Shock into the world.

Louise_hay_pic By the way, I highly recommend that you look into life-changing, empowering Movers & Shakers events from Hay House, a company that was founded in 1984 by inspiring author Louise L. Hay, author of You Can
Heal Your Life
and Heal Your Body as a way to self-publish her first two books.

Both of Louise's books went on to become international bestsellers. In fact, You Can
Heal Your Life
— which helped me as I was struggling with sugar addiction — has sold a whopping 35 million copies worldwide . It established Louise
as a leader in the transformational movement. And now the company is committed to presenting programs and releasing products that have a positive self-help slant and are conducive to healing our planet.

Hay House Events Are Great

Events sponsored by Hay House are amazing, as I discovered upon attending the Movers & Shakers conference in New
York City in December. (That wonderful event was, in fact, where I met Louise, which was a big thrill for me, because I've been a fan of hers for years. At the Movers
& Shakers conference
in New York, I also had the pleasure of meeting Hay House's motivating president and CEO Reid Tracy, the dazzling author Cheryl
, author of the life-changing book, The
Art of Extreme Self-Care
and my fabulous, charming Hay House editor, who gave me the OK to announce this now.

I encourage you to learn more about Hay House’s conferences. In fact, if you're a speaker, author or coach, I recommend that you find out how to be Mover and Shaker. Just go to ====  >>>>

And if you'd like to hear inspiring speakers, check out the I
Can Do It conference in Tampa in November.

Please note that I’m an enthusiastic, compensated affiliate for Hay House. But I
only share information about programs or services that I recommend.

Movers & Shakers 2010 468x60

More Gratitude is Due to Dana Kennedy and Cheryl Richardson.

There are two other people I want to thank now from the bottom of my heart.

First, my profound gratitude goes to veteran journalist Dana Kennedy, founder of the original, entertaining A Year Without Candy Blog.

Dana Kennedy - 52 The articulate anti-candy crusader — who is now on Day 118 without sweets (go Dana!) — is the main person, who pushed me to "Get going" with my next book.

During one of our conversations (we coached each other), Dana insisted that that I should lay out my kick-sugar plan (that I'd been developing on for years) in a new book. So after her great advice, I did the book proposal for the follow-up to my book Sugar
. And that paved the way for my next book.

By the way, Dana is one inspiring lady. Read my previous post about her here.

Cheryl_Richardson I also want to extend heartfelt thanks to the inspiring Cheryl Richardson, author of the fabulous book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care. If it weren't for Cheryl, I would never have known about the amazing Hay House Movers & Shakers conference at which I met all those fabulous Hay House people.

You see, last December, I was finishing writing six required book reports so I could get certified from my life coaching school school (the fabulous Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching or IPEC). One of our assigned books was Take Time for Your Life from Cheryl.

I fell so in love with Take
Time for Your Life
that I visited Cheryl's awesome website and learned that the following weekend she would be co-hosting a Hay House Movers & Shakers conference. I was intrigued.

But it was sold out. However, despite being told I couldn't get in, my intuition told me I absolutely HAD to attend that event. Ever had one of those feelings? I just KNEW in my gut that I had to be there.

To make the long story short, I visualized Hay House personnel welcoming me with open arms even though it was sold out, and that's exactly what happened. So without realizing it, Cheryl paved the way for my next book. Thank you so much , Cheryl! 

So What Do You Think? What Should Be the Title for My Next Book?

So have you come up with some ideas for the title of my upcoming book that helps you break out of sugar shock and break free into a happier, healthier, sweeter life?

I hope you'll give this some thought as you go off and play, eat healthy foods or try to steer clear of health-harming, sugary desserts.

Remember, if your title for my follow-up book to Sugar Shock is selected, you'll get some nice gifts. And if your title is not selected, you'll still get a gift. 

Please post your great ideas now for the title to my follow-up book to Sugar Shock.

Feel free to invite your colleagues and loved ones to share their title suggestions, too. Just send them to:

==== >>>>

I look forward to your contributions.

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55 thoughts on “News for Sugar Addicts: Sugar Shock’s Successor is on the Way — Please Help Me Name the New Book

  1. Name: “Sugar Block”
    Recommend including a catchy sub-title such as “A comperehensive guide to implementing the Sugar-Shock strategies into your lifestyle”. I have other sub-title recommendations if you pick mine.

  2. Title :: Sweet Victory // Taglines :: Combatting Sugar Addiction [or] Strategic and Tactical Ways to Beat Sugar Addiction [or] Engaging Sugar Addiction and Coming Out on Top [or] Winning the War Against Sugar

  3. Title :: Sweet Victory // Taglines :: Combatting Sugar Addiction [or] Strategic and Tactical Ways to Beat Sugar Addiction [or] Engaging Sugar Addiction and Coming Out on Top [or] Winning the War Against Sugar

  4. Title :: Sweet Victory // Taglines :: Combatting Sugar Addiction [or] Strategic and Tactical Ways to Beat Sugar Addiction [or] Engaging Sugar Addiction and Coming Out on Top [or] Winning the War Against Sugar

  5. Re-Lease Sugar
    Putting a New Lease on Your Dependence To Sugar
    Sugar Addict
    Simple Ways To Lessen Your Dependence to Sugar

  6. Thank you all so much for your wonderful ideas!
    These phrases are fabulous — even if they’re not the title for my book, I could use them in the book.
    I’m going to give you all gifts for contributing to show my gratitude for participating.
    Here’s another title suggestion I just received via email (It’s easier to have all title ideas in the same place):
    I think your new book should be named, “The Sweet Life…Without Sugar!”
    We met at Doug Stevenson’s program in Philadelphia, PA in 2004.
    Keep it Sweet,
    Judge Beau Patterson
    Founder and President
    Please Rise Speaking, Training and Coaching
    “The Speaker who Inspires, Empowers and Ignites Peak Performance”

  7. Here’s another idea just emailed to me.
    I think you should call your new book “Sugar Block” or “Sugar Stop.” Simple and descriptive is usually best, just like the first title. Plus, a title that rhymes with the first one will make it easier for everyone to remember. Smart PR.
    I look forward to learning and trying the techniques. As you say in your post, knowing isn’t enough. I have the knowledge and a house full of healthy, organic and whole foods. But I still want that sugary dessert after every meal. I must learn soon so I can set a good example for my daughters, 3 ½ and 11 months.
    This came from a woman I’ll call Ann.

  8. A few suggestions:
    “Shock the Sugar – How Adventurcises™ Can Get You Back on Track and How Sugar Will Not Derail Your Life Again” / “Sugar Life! How Your Life Can Be Sweeter without Carbs” /
    “Sweet Life – How Your Life Can Be Sweeter without Sugar” /
    “Sugar Shock Part II – More on How You Can Get Back on Track” /
    “No More Double Whammy – How You Can Escape the Sugar Shock for Ever”

  9. Addicted to Sweets
    (subtitle) How to once and for all eliminate refined sugar from your diet – A step-by-step program.
    A title like this would coax me to buy the book. “Addicted to Sweets” describes the main problem. “once and for all” recognizes that many people have tried and failed and we’re really looking for that one solution. And a “step-by-step program” is what many of us need in order to succeed.
    Whatever it’s called, I’ll buy it. Good luck!!

  10. Here’s another lovely email from Sheri:
    Hello Connie,
    I’m writing in response to your request for help naming your new book. I’m very much looking forward to reading it since Sugar Shock was instrumental in helping me make the needed changes to break my sugar addiction. So, thank you! The information you provided in your book was just what I needed to put the pieces of the puzzle together to improve my health. I was motivated but I just didn’t know how to go about it. Since reading Sugar Shock I was able to break free from the place of being stuck. I THOUGHT I was a healthy eater before (because most of what I ate would be termed “low fat”) but I quickly realized the food I was consuming was mostly processed, refined, and full of sugar! That was over a year ago. Since April of 2009 I’ve been living ( 99% ) sugar free, process free, additive free… focusing on REAL, whole foods. What a difference. Most people think it’s not possible to live a happy, full life without “treats”. To me, the treat is in being free from the bondage I was in to counterfeit food. So… all that to say I’m a proponent of what you write about and dedicate yourself to teaching others.
    From what you shared about your new book, here are my thoughts on titles that would get people’s attention:
    Beyond the Shock… mastering sugar’s hold on you for good!
    Shock Talk : breaking through sugar addiction to hope, health, and healing
    Life after Shock : beat sugar addiction one healthy decision at a time
    Sugar Talk : the breakthrough plan that will set you free!
    The Not – So – Sweet Stuff : living beyond sugar’s seductive grip
    The Not – So – Sweet Trap… and how to finally break free!
    What great ideas!
    People, keep them coming!

  11. Hi Connie!
    A few ideas popped in my head and I see some are already offered here.
    I have 2 Title ideas so far with subtitles.
    How about:
    Living the Sweet Life without Sugar
    Living the Sweet Life Sugar-Free
    Living a Sugar-Free Sweet Life
    Letting go of Sugar Addictions and Savoring Vibrant Health

  12. Here are 2 more book title ideas from my Hay House Movers & Shakers colleague Jacqueline Ward Barrett:
    “Congratulations, Connie! Such wonderful news. Wishing you great success. Not sure if my suggestions were posted properly on your blog but here are two title ideas that came to mind:
    Letting go of Sugar Addictions and Savoring Vibrant Health
    Living the Sweet Life without Sugar
    Living the Sweet Life, Sugar-Free
    Living a Sugar-Free Sweet Life
    Thanks, Jacqueline, and everyone for contributing!

  13. Hi Connie
    How about “Sweet Life – sans sugar” with the Sweet Life in larger print?
    Good luck with new book whatever you call it.

  14. Hey Connie! I attended the Movers and Shakers conference in Boston, so I know what you mean about it being inspiring. I have a book, “God, It’s Not Working!” in a spiritual author competition sponsored by Hampton Roads that I am doing very well in because of that conference. You can see and read some of it at
    Anyway, I believe you came up with the best name for your new book in your description about it above. You said it will tell people how to “escape from the sugar shock…” Well, that would be a great name so people will know it is a follow-up from your first book. Call it, “Escape from Sugar Shock!” you can even make a metaphor about that and use a picture of Alcatraz on the cover to show that sugar cravings keep you like a prisoner! With or without the picture, “Escape from Sugar Shock!” really attracts me to the book. I want a copy no matter what you call it because I am a sugar addict!
    Good luck and congratulations on your publishing contract!

  15. Vincent, what a great idea — “Escape from Sugar Shock.”
    FYI, the reason for the delay in your comment appearing is because I approve all comments before they go up. (You won’t believe all the spam comments that I get!)
    Anyhow, thanks so much for offering that idea. And good luck with your book!

  16. My suggestion is… ‘SUGAR FREE – Staying Clean From Sugar Shock’ … I hope this helps. And thank you Connie for helping all of us!

  17. Here are a bunch of ideas that I just received from email from Natasha, formerly of the American Jewish Press Association. Here’s what she wrote:
    “Hi, Connie. I hope you are well. I left AJPA in January but I still enjoy your newsletters!
    “I have a bunch of ideas for your book title. I think it’s too long for the comments section online so I hope you don’t mind me simply sending you an email. You can post whatever part of it that you want.
    Here are some ideas that you may want to play around with.
    “Set it down: [How to] Shun Sugar and Save your Life//
    “A Sticky Situation: Shun Sugar and Save Your Life//
    “Swindled: How sugar is making you sick and how to suck it up and set it down//
    “Sugar Sabbatical: Shun Sugar and Super-Charge your Life//
    “Sugar Shocked: [How to] Stop sacrificing your sex life, health and well-being for a cookie//
    “Sick & Swindled: How Sugar is Sabotaging your Sex Life, Sapping your Energy & Intellect//
    “Sugar Shocked: Set it down to Salvage your sex life, emotional health and energy level//
    “Stop Sugar Shock: The key to a satisfying sex-life, super charged energy level and crystal clear thinking.//
    “The Sugar Swindle: How to Set it Down and Supercharge your Life.”//
    Wow, Natasha, thank you so much!!

  18. Hi Connie,
    SHOCKED NO MORE…LIFE AFTER SUGAR SHOCK. Now that we’ve been SUGAR SHOKED, SHOCKED NO MORE, is a complete and comprehensive guide to living a delicious sugar free life.
    Wishing you the very best always,
    Jill Koblentz

  19. Hi Connie: Your work is Awesome. Read your book in December and am making it a no sugar year! (I write NS on the calendar every day!) I feel so empowered from reading of just ONE woman, YOU, who hasn’t had sugar in many years! I will celebrate turning 50 soon and being sugar free is a great gift to myself and my husband! I’m enthusiastic about your second book, will we be voting on our favorite titles, out of your favorites?
    “It’s a Sweet Life: I don’t need white powder to bring me Joy!”;
    “It’s a Sweet Life: Don’t let Sugar (Shock) destroy it!”;
    “Life is Sweeter without Sugar”;
    “Turn off the Switch: Breakfree (Recovery) from Sugar Shock (Addiction)”;
    “It’s a Sweet Life: Wake up from Sugar Shock”.

  20. I am just so thrilled to hear from people like you. What a wonderful story you have! I love it! I used to put NS on my calendar, too, as I recall. Love your titles, too. “It’s a Sweet Life” — how compelling! Thanks for writing! Wishing you a sweet day and weekend!

  21. Facebook friends had a number of great ideas!
    Tammy Groves
    The White death!
    Midniyte Graves
    “Want Some Sugar? Think Again.” Or “How to Have Sweetness in Life instead of on your plate.”
    Julie VanBeek Hill
    Aftershock! The life changing companion to Sugar Shock
    Cheryl V Mitchell
    Sweeter than Sugar
    Thanks, all! Keep ’em coming!

  22. Connie, How about “Taking the Next Right After Sugar Shock”, or
    “Sugar Shock 2: What to do Now”

  23. Thanks so much, what a crack up, the NS!! So satisfying to write it on the calender and to see a month of them, etc. ox

  24. Here’s a suggestion emailed from Dan in Everett, Washington.
    “Good Evening, Couldn’t find a place to enter the contest, so I am writing with my great idea. People love sweets because of the sweet taste, but the title of your next book should be ‘Just How Sweet is it’
    Thank You. Dan”
    What an intriguing suggestion, Dan! Thanks so much for sharing. Connie

  25. Here are a number of ideas from Facebook friends:
    Tammy Groves – “The White Death!”
    June 29 at 10:12am ·
    Midniyte Graves ‎- “Want Some Sugar? Think Again.” Or “How to Have Sweetness in Life instead of on your plate.”
    June 29 at 12:04pm · ·
    Julie VanBeek Hill – “Aftershock! The life changing companion to Sugar Shock”
    June 29 at 12:24pm ·
    Cheryl V Mitchell – “Sweeter than Sugar”
    June 29 at 2:30pm · ·
    Kathleen Hassan — Connie – I posted my answer on another thread… but figured I’d jump in on this one too: “Sickly Sweet” is my idea… course now I won’t be able to shut off my brain and will be thinking of more titles for the rest of the day! Can’t wait to hear what you call it.
    July 8 at 11:10am ·
    Wow, what really great ideas!! Thank you sooo much! Gifts to all who participate. Plus, the title giver gets several prizes. Posting them all on my blog now.

  26. Here are some more ideas from Facebook friends:
    Howard Modell Hi Connie, great news about the new book. Here’s my first title suggestion: “Razing Cane”
    (Might be over the heads of some potential readers, though…I’ll keep the thinking cap on.)
    June 25 at 11:34am ·
    Howard Modell You might need permission from Carole King, but I like “Sweet Seasons”, with whatever subtitle you prefer to drive the theme home.
    June 25 at 11:58am
    Connie Bennett Interesting titles. Thanks for putting on your thinking cap! I’ll have to use those phrases in the book no matter what.
    June 25 at 12:12pm · LikeUnlike ·
    Berrnadette Penotti YAAAAY CONNIE -GREAT NEWS!!! 😀 I would LOVE to help you give the book a FORTUNATE name and number- it’s what I do for for co’s and entrepreneurs! Can check it out on k speak soon and HUGS! XOBerrnadette

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