Come to My Tele-Party: Listen Now

Birthday-cake Come to My B-Day/Gratitude Celebration Tele-Party!

No matter where you're located, you can join us!

Here's my gift to you today! (Yes, I'm giving you a gift on my special day.)

Listen now or before July 30 at noon Eastern. Just go here to grab your audio download.

Or send the link to friends and loved ones — ==>>

One more thing.

Since it's my B-Day, I have a big favor to ask of you. Would you help me Name My Next Book, please?

Submit your ideas here. Gifts to all who participate in the Name My Next Book Contest. And the winner gets lots of gifts. 

Please spread the word. This is my last call. Next week, the successor to Sugar Shock! — my first book — will have a title.

Send your thoughts to Name My Next Book now.

By the way, I'm enjoying this yummy cyber birthday cake! It's zero calories, a lot of fun and doesn't put me into Sugar Shock! Would you like to have some, too? Be my guest. Take a piece!

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