Ask Me Your Questions Today: Free Tele-Party

Questions - bubble-man-question Often, thousands of you email me questions, which I don't have time to personally answer.

Tonight (6 pm Eastern time) — or this afternoon (at 3 pm Pacific time) — I will answer your questions during a free Just Ask Connie Tele-Party, where you can get your questions answered and helpful tools and tips to begin to Free of Your Sugar Addiction and other Bad Habits (what I call Babits™).

To attend tonight's Free Tele-Party, just go here to ask your most pressing questions about sugar, refined carbs, bad habits and good health.

It's that easy to attend: Just submit your question now. (If you have more than one question, just hit the back arrow and ask again.) Make sure to leave your email address so you get the call-in details.

Why am I holding this free Tele-Party?

Well, it's my birthday week, and often I see friends and clients become very me-focused that entire week. So I began to think: What a wonderful gift for both you and me if I could help YOU release your sugar habit or other bad habit (babit™) during my B-Day week.

In other words, I'm giving you a birthday gift.

So just visit here now to ask your questions:

Based on the questions received so far, in tonight's free Tele-Party, you will:

  • Learn one simple process that takes only minutes a day to let go of your "need" and "urgency" to have sweets, culprit carbs or other bad habits (babits™). 
  • Be guided in a short Woo-Hoo, Babits-Bashing Visioning Meditation.
  • Discover the easy ABC's to Break Free of any bad habit or babit so that you can shed weight, kick sugar, boost your energy, be happier, rev up your libido, get calm and feel freedom.
  • Find out 3 ways to stop sugar cravings
  • Learn an easy 30-second Party Plate Meditation.
  • Get answers to your other questions.

Connie with apple You’ll want to attend live the Just Ask Connie Tele-Party (if you can), because I’m giving out 3 prizes on the call. (Actually, I’ll select the winners on our call. Read on to learn about the prizes.)

Visit here now to ask your questions and sign up for my Tele-Party:

Also, make sure to submit your email address, too, so I can send you the call-in details.

EVENT: The ABCs to Break Free & Answers to Your Questions

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, July 27th at 6:00pm Eastern

FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it's your choice)

Just go here to ask your question:

Remember, if you attend the Tele-Party LIVE, you can win one of 3 prizes.

The prizes I’ll announce in your free Tele-Party are:

By the way, for my B-Day week, I’ve also slashed the price of my popular, acclaimed Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program. (It normally runs $177, but I’ve reduced it to $97 until July 30 at 6 pm Eastern.)

What’s more, the first 5 people to schedule a consultation before Aug. 1 will be eligible to win a free  scholarship to this Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program.

So, will I see you tonight at 6 pm Eastern for your F*RE*E Tele-Party so I can help you Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction or other babits?




P.S. If you can’t attend the free July 27 Tele-Party live (at 6 pm Eastern or 3 pm Pacific), you can listen later, when it’s convenient for you, but awards will only be given to people listening live.

P.P.S. Make sure to submit your questions and email addresses so I can cover them on July 27 in your FR*EE Tele-Party. Just go here now to submit your question. Make sure to submit your email so you can get the call-in details:

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Stay tuned, because you'll be invited (one last time) to submit one idea for the title of my next book.