Reader Raves About SUGAR SHOCK! — It’s So Heartwarming to Hear From Folks Like Her

I absolutely adore hearing from readers of SUGAR SHOCK!

What a glorious feeling to know that my prolonged sugar suffering and sugar shrewishness and years of research and writing is now, at long last, having a positive impact on the lives of others.

Yes, hearing from readers makes it it a tad more palatable that I had to make so many sacrifices for the five years I worked on the book (including my severe back injury, minimal or negligent social life, losing touch with friends, etc.). Because now, my sacrifices are finally resulting in my helping people.

Anyhow, you’ll know partly why I feel so darn good today.

Just listen to this heartwarming e-mail from Kristin F.:

you so much for your great book, it has really opened my eyes. For years
I’ve tried to eat better and cut out sugars but was never very disciplined;
after reading all of the information in your book and relating to almost all of
it, now I look at sweet foods in a different way and it is easy now for me to
`just say no.’

"I finished your book a few days ago, and have
been eating much better since, and I already feel better and different! It’s amazing! Thank you! It sounds so cliche, but your book has
honestly changed my life!"

"Respectfully, Kristin F." (Last name withheld to protect her anonymity.)

Do e-mails get any better than that?

What more could an author want?

By the way, while it’s a considerable challenge to read and reply to all of your e-mails, I encourage you to keep writing me!

Let me know what you think of SUGAR SHOCK!