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Single Ladies: Get Engaged by New Year’s, With the Help of Lauren Frances

Lauren frances007 With summer here, it’s time get
clear on your intentions.

For those of you females who are seeking the
love of
your life
, I recommend that you pay attention. (For the rest of you who are already coupled, I invite you to send this link to a single friend.)

So if you’re a single lady, my
friend Lauren Frances wants to help you. She wants to turn you into a

if you’re a single
lady who wants to be married, Lauren – a renowned celebrity love coach,
who has
been praised by many people, including actresses Amy Brenneman and Kate Walsh
– wants to help you become engaged by New Year’s.

Kate_walsh9 In fact, Lauren claims that in 6
short weeks, she’ll teach you to turn casual courtships into serious

You’ll learn her
‘man-manifesting’ process and healthy manhandling techniques (i.e.
skills) to which successful men RESPOND.

You can jump into
this course
whether you’re actively dating or not, or really want to be! 

Her “Dating Lovebirds” course,
Lauren says, will show
you how to go from flirting to seriously dating, and how to do
potential tests so you’ll stop wasting your time on what she calls “the
suitors.” (You know, the guys who ultimately waste your time because
not really the right guy?)

To learn
about Lauren’s program so you can (according to her) get engaged
by New Year’s Eve, go here: ====


Lauren’s claim that
she can
help you get engaged by New Year’s Eve may seem far fetched,  but
just listen to one of her clients:

Thank you! Thank you! Your coaching
got me from a first date to my honeymoon in just 3 months. Literally, we
for our Bermuda honeymoon on 5/27/10, which was three months to the day
of our
first date. Many thanks to you for the great velocity with which I was
able to
classify my NEEDS vs WANTS and recognize the man of my dreams the minute
I met
him. Love Linda”

(Linda didn’t want
her full
name used, because her new husband is the head of a Fortune 500 company
doesn’t know she has a love coach. Her story is so powerful because
Linda is in
her early 50’s, had never been married before. She wasn’t dating much
for years
before Lauren helped her. While her betrothal might seem super fast, her
romantic results are not unusual, or even the exception, for Lauren’s
Lauren believes that once you get the right information under your
garter belt,
and know the right actions to take to make your romantic dreams a loving
reality, you’ll have your very own lovebird, too.)

Single and eager to
more now?

Go here: ====


Here’s some of what
learn in Lauren’s course:

  • How to spot ‘buying signs’ that he’s
    serious about dating
  • Relationship Negotiation Skills to go
    from dating to
  • How to rate his ‘Courtship
  • How long to give your dates a
    ‘chance’ when you’re not
    sure if there’s chemistry, or connection.
  • How to spot when men are seriously
    pursuing the
  • How to not get boxed in by one suitor
    until you’re SURE
    about him.
  • How to inspire men to commit to you
    and your relationship
  • How to put men in a pecking order
    without ruffling their
  • How to tell when men are in ‘buying
    mode’ with you
    romantically, and falling in love with you.
  • How to keep your freedom to keep
    shopping for The One when
    you’re just having fun
  • How to turn a serious dating
    relationship into a serious
  • How to tell if he’s a player who will
    only disappoint you
    down the road.
  • How to stay committed to
    your romantic roadmap and
    MANifest it.

Please note that I’m an affiliate of
Lauren’s – which means that if you sign up, I get compensated. FYI, I
only recommend something unless I know it works. And in this case, I
just had to become an affiliate after hearing about the success she’s
had with clients.


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