Singles: Love Gurus Tamsen Fadal, Matt Titus, Diana Kirschner, Debra Berndt & Sherry Amatenstein Offer Goodies

Love romantic_love-7201 Singles around the country and world, read this to get ideas and inspiration from the 5 Love Gurus Dr. Diana Kirschner, Matt Titus, Tamsen Fadal,
Debra Berndt and Sherry Amatenstein.

In case you couldn’t make it to the fabulous 5 Love Gurus Panel last night at Borders Columbus Circle in New York City to learn “How to Attract and Keep Real Love,” they are here to help you.

These 5 Love Gurus can guide you in many ways, because they wrote fabulous books and offer a number of life-changing programs and services.

For starters, I invite to get the following books from the Love Gurus, which contain valuable pearls of wisdom:

For instance, in Love in 90
, Dr. Diana Kirschner will guide you to find

  • 13 Deadly Dating Patterns that kill off your chances at love
  • How to access your most charismatic and confident identity or “Diamond
  • The single MOST important thing you can do to find love.

In Why
Hasn’t He Called?
, Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal will help you discover:

  • The do’s and do’s of the Man-agement plan to help you find and keep Mr.
  • The secrets of The Boy’s Club (i.e., what men really find attractive)
  • How to be the perfect “Bond” girl

In Let Love In, Debra Berndt will reveal:

  • Her 15 Minutes-to-True-Love Workout—a way to find the man of your dreams
    without getting out of bed. (This will allow you to not waste time on the wrong
  • The dangers of dating by default.
  • How to conquer the “You are broken” mentality just because
    you haven’t found the right person yet.

In The
Complete Marriage Counselor
Sherry Amatenstein will share with you:

  • How you can resolve conflict instead of letting it eat away at your love.
  • How to sustain your sex life
  • How to handle the rough patches.

And in my book SUGAR
— obviously not a love book — you can find out:

  • How eating sweets and quickie carbs (French bread, most crackers, pasta, etc.) can send your love life on a course for disaster. (In chapter 1, you’ll learn my sour-to-sweet sugar love story.)
  • How those dangerous foods can squash your libido
  • How eating healthy foods can give you energy and help your love life

Now I invite to learn more about these Love Gurus and their amazing offers.


About the Love Gurus & Their Gifts or
Special Offers to Connie’s Friends

  • Dr. Diana Kirschner is a
    frequent guest psychologist on The Today Show ran the “90 Day Love Challenge” on
    the Fox Morning Show and has appeared on Oprah & Access Hollywood. Her
    bestselling dating advice book, Love in 90
    Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love.
     is the basis
    for her PBS Special. It’s just out in paperback with a new chapter on “Dating
    Games Men Play.
  • Dr. Diana’s Special Offer to Connie’s Friends: Dr.
    Diana Kirschner is giving away $100 worth of free gifts when you purchase the
    bestseller,  Love in 90
    Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love.
     Your FREE
    Bonus Gifts include: 1) The Bonfire of Past Hurts: Free Yourself to Create
    Lasting Love, a helpful ereport with a step-by-step process for freeing yourself
    from the painful relationships, breakups, betrayals, unfinished business or
    other heartbreak from the past; 2) Secrets of Rapid Online Dating Success; an
    ereport on how to use simple online dating strategies to sort through the “DUDs”
    and quickly find the One that is just right for you; and 3) and 4) Two Hour-Long
    MP3 Interviews in which Dr. Diana Kirschner describes 3 things that you can do
    today to increase your chances of finding a great relationship; talks candidly
    about her own marriage and give powerful dating tips & relationship advice,
    as interviewed by love experts, Julie Spira on Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio
    Show & Gloria MacDonald on The Secrets of Dating and Relationship Success
    Radio Show. Plus, you can get a free, 60-minute introductory Love Mentor
    Coaching with trained Love Mentors who have used Love in 90 Days principles to
    get happily married. They also have backgrounds in transformational work and are
    closely supervised by Dr. Diana. If you sign up for ongoing love mentoring, you
    get 10 percent discount. To learn more visit and email Dr. Diana.
    Make sure to say that Connie referred you to get your discount so you can get
    the relationship you want.
  • Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal are authors of  Why
    Hasn’t He Called? How Guys Really Think and How to Get the Right One Interested
    in You
     and Why Hasn’t He
    Proposed? Go From The First Date To Setting the Date
    . Tamsen Fadal, an
    Emmy Award-winning journalist, can be seen anchoring weekday mornings on the
    Emmy Award-winning PIX Morning News as she covers the hottest stories of the
    day. Matt Titus is a nationally recognized matchmaker, lifestyle expert, and
    dating and relationship coach. He is the founder of Matt’s Little Black Book, a
    Manhattan based matchmaking and date coaching service that helps men and women
    find their perfect match and appears regularly on The Tyra Banks Show, The
    Martha Stewart Show, Fox’s The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet, The CBS Early
    Show, Today Show, E!, and the Style Network. Matt and Tamsen currently host the
    weekly, syndicated Meredith Corporation segment, “Ask Matt and Tamsen,” for
    Better TV, which is viewed in the top 65 U.S. markets. The couple starred in the
    Lifetime “Matched in Manhattan” reality TV show based on their business as
    matchmakers and relationship experts on Lifetime. Matt and Tamsen contribute
    regularly to Glamour Magazine, The Huffington Post, OK! Magazine, USA Today,
    Elle, TV Guide, Men’s Fitness, Life & Style Magazine, New York Daily News,
    NY Post, Time Out New York, & Magazine, Tango Magazine,, and Matt and Tamsen are married and live in Manhattan with two
    Chihuahuas, Matsen and Parker.
  • Special Offer to Connie’s Friends: Matt Titus and Tamsen
    Fadal are offering $150 off their 5-week Dating Boot Camp Program, which will
    teach you how to understand men and find the one who is best for you. You’ll
    also learn: how to review and evaluate past relationship mistakes so you won’t
    repeat them; how to choose men based on things that matter; what a man wants to
    see in a woman’s appearance; how to create a sexier style that will attract the
    right kind of man; how to develop flirting and dating techniques that will
    attract the “fantasy man”; and how to always keep the guy interested. In
    addition, you can get $50 off a Perfect Online Profile, where a member of the
    Love Consultants will review your profile from a male’s perspective so can
    create a profile that attracts the right kind of men. To get these discounts,
    say that Connie referred you and go to
  • Debra Berndt is author of the new
    bestselling book, Let Love
    In: Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner
    . She has
    helped thousands of singles attract true love with her unique 15-minute Love
    Workout. She has appeared on Fox News, ABC News, Playboy Radio, as well as in
    Cosmopolitan, Natural Health Magazine, LavaLife,, MSN, Complete Woman,
    Publisher’s Weekly and more.
  • Debra Berndt’s Special Offer to Connie’s Friends
    Around the World:
    Debra is offering $20 off to her three-week online
    class, “Let Love in Bootcamp,” which begins May 11. You’ll learn an easy
    three-step process to get your mind in the right place to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.
    To get your discount, my friends need to use the code “sweet2.” Go here for
    She is also giving $20 off a “Love Attraction Set, 7 MP3s that take you through
    the steps that every single person struggles with on their journey to a healthy
    relationship. Many people attract their ideal mate within 30 days or less.
    Just use the coupon code “sweet2.” Expires May 7
  • Sherry Amatenstein, LMSW is author of The
    Complete Marriage Counselor: Relationship-Saving Advice from America’s Top 50+
    Couples Therapists
    . Sherry, who has appeared on many major talk shows,
    counsels individuals and couples, and she runs relationship seminars around the
  • Moderator: Connie Bennett, author of Sugar
    Connie is a former sugar addict, who is now a “Sugar Liberator,”
    certified life coach, certified health counselor, host of the Gab with the Gurus
    Radio Show and creator of the Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks
    Teleseminar/Webinar Program. (
  • Special Offer to Connie’s will get an Attract Love &
    Boost Libido Shopping List. In addition, one raffle prize will be awarded to my
    Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction
    in 6 Weeks Program


In addition, I invite you to learn about one more offer from my California-based friend Arielle Ford, author of The
Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction
Arielle—who met and manifested the love of her life at
age 44—is now sharing her secrets in “The Soulmate Kit,” a step-by-step guide to
manifesting Big Love. She shows you how to take control of your romantic destiny
using the Law of Attraction. If you think you’ve already “tried” everything when
it comes to the Law of Attraction chances, you’ll want to learn how to do
“feelingizations,” “feathering the nest,” “living as if,” and “savoring the
waiting.” If you’re heartbroken, The Soulmate Kit also includes advice on how to
heal a broken heart from Dr. Gay Hendricks, Dr. Joan Borysenko, and Dr. George

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