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Declare Your Independence from Sugar! Then Share Your Biggest Why

Today and whenever you read this, I invite you to Declare Your Independence from Sugar and Carbs.

Even if you’re not an American and you don’t celebrate the 4th of July, I invite you to Take Back Your Sugar Power.

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You’re the one in control of what you put in your mouth– not the food companies, which heavily market their sugar-filled, processed, nutrient-stripped foods.

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett”]’Declare your Independence from Sugar and you’ll become slimmer, healthier and happier.'[/shareable]

So what would Independence from Sugar mean to you?

1) Your life would be filled with delicious, delightful freedom.

For many Sugar Kickers, that feeling of liberation is perhaps the most exciting. You’d be amazing by the comments I’ve received during my 17 years of being sugar-free.

2) You’ll feel far happier.

Some very compelling research suggests that sugar can lead to depression. So toss the stuff to the curb, and you’ll want to say, “Woo Hoo!” a lot more!

 3) You’ll find life more enjoyable.

You may think that I’m exaggerating about how life will change for you just by kicking sugar, but I’m not.

 4) When you shed the sugar, you’ll easily shed weight, too.

The research on this irrefutable. Scientists from some of the top universities have discovered that kicking sugar triggers weight loss.

 5) Going sugar-free will help you break free of your food obsessiveness.

One of the worst parts of being hooked on sugar is that, your brain becomes filled up with thoughts of sweet things. But when you stop clamoring after sweets, you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm to do other, more important things about which you’re passionate.

 6) You’ll finally banish brain fog.

In my case, after I quit sugar on doctor’s orders in 1998, one of the most exciting benefits was that I could finally think clearly. Sugar Kickers worldwide and those I’ve coached also have been able to achieve important goals because they could focus better.

7) You’ll become healthier, live longer and possibly even reverse such potentially deadly heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Again, mounting research has revealed that cutting out sugar can help eliminate numerous chronic conditions and deadly diseases, as I reveal in my books Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock.

Now, go the bottom of this blog post, and share your Biggest Why you should Declare Your Sugar Independence.


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4 thoughts on “Declare Your Independence from Sugar! Then Share Your Biggest Why

  1. Every time I eat sugar my body is leaching calcium. Being a vegetarian for many years
    I should not have osteoporosis and I believe is due to all the sugar binges. My biggest deterrant for giving up on sugar? I’m not overweight! After reading your books I’ve
    greatly “reduce” my consumption of sugar. Giving up? Not there yet.

    1. Martha,

      Yes, many sugar addicts are not overweight. That was the case with me.
      But let me ask you this: what ailments are you experiencing? You need
      to find some symptoms that you just do NOT want anymore! You can do it!
      And you’ll feel reborn! …Just curious, what are your reasons for being
      vegetarian? I’m not a doctor, but you may want to find out if you’re low
      on certain nutrients so you get confused and turn to sugar instead.


  2. I have been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. I have to kick the sugar due to excessive weight gain, fibromyalgia, and the dreadful adrenal insufficiency (an illness not to discussed to much). I am severely overweight. I am a disabled veteran who needs lifestyle change. I am a minister and with my schedule I need quick easy “non-sugar” snacks. Need your help badly. I not only want to make a change, but HAVE to. Also, I feel like a pill box. I want to come off of so many meds. I know I don’t need.

    1. Reverend,

      My heart goes out to you, and I applaud you for your initiative.

      People need your religious guidance, so it’s great that you seem so dedicated.

      I believe in you. I hope to give you the help you’re seeking.

      Please stay in touch and let me know how it goes.


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