Sweet Sunsets to Savor

Join the Conversation. When was the last time you watched a sunset? How did it make you feel? Post a comment now.

sunsetAre you feeling anxious, stressed out, frazzled?

Rather than let your worries overcome you, I invite you to instead take a quick antidote.

Breathe in two times. Now, take 15 seconds to relish these sunset photos I took recently.

As I mentioned last week, Sweet Sunsets to Savor is a new Sugar Shock blog feature, for which I’ll post some shots I’ve taken during the previous week.

You may be wondering what the connection is to health and wellness. A lot.

By giving you soothing photos to enjoy, you’ll come closer, I hope, to realizing that that seductive sweets, cunning carbs, and other junk foods just don’t have the entirement of nature in all its splendor.

Sunset 12-4-13 015As you gaze at these photos, I encourage you to come up with your own meaningful connection.

What I’m finding intriguing about my new hobby is that as I did with sugary foods, I’m becoming more and more hooked on my special time on the beach at sunset.

But watching sunsets is a darn healthy addiction!

Sunset has become my favorite time of day, one that feels splendid and sacred. What a huge relief watching calm sunsets are, after my utterly grueling Bittersweet Last Year with Mom.

Remember you can catch more Sweet Sunsets to Savor here.

Join the Conversation: When was the last time you watched a sunset? Where? How did you feel gazing at it? Share your sunset stories. Post your comments now.

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