Zumba Success Stories: Are You One?

Do you absolutely adore Zumba Fitness?
In fact, has Zumba changed your life?
In other words, are you a Zumba success story?
Have you lost weight, kicked sugar, or achieved other goals, in large part, because of your love of Zumba Fitness?
Please let me know ASAP so I can share your story with others and inspire them, too.
By the way, Zumba fans, did you listen to my short (15-minute) radio interview on my Gab with the Gurus Show with Zumba founder Alberto (“Beto”) Perez?
You can listen at any time.
If you’re a Zumba success story, just write back here. Please provide your full name, location (partial is OK), age (if you’re comfortable), and tell me how Zumba has helped you. Also, please let me know how I may contact you. Please note that when you post this remark, it will appear on my blog so be comfortable with everything you say.
If you’re having challenges posting your comment to this blog, feel free to contact me through my website, but ideally, you’ll try here first, so your remark will get posted to this Zumba entry.
By the way, if you’re not a fan of Zumba yet, join us! Just find a class here.

My Friend JJ May Have Saved my Life; Now She Can Save Your Body

Whenever I think of my wonderful friend JJ Virgin, I feel respect, admiration and profound gratitude.
To make the long story short, JJ — a celebrity health and nutrition expert — helped me bounce back quickly from a severe illness two summers ago. Not only that, but because of her insights and insistence, my disease was diagnosed quickly.
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