Hidden Sugars

7 Ways You Can Get Confused by Food Labels

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Most people seeking to eat healthily or to limit their intake of sugar or carbs are duped every time they go to the supermarket even if they carefully read food labels. For instance, when you see “low-fat,” do you think, “Oh, great, that’s healthy”? When you read the term “sugar-free” emblazoned on a food label, do […]

Gab with the Gurus

Watch “That Sugar Film,” a Fun Shockumentary That Blows the Lid on So-Called “Healthy” Foods

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If you eat processed foods out of boxes, cans, jars, and packages, you must watch That Sugar Film, an amusing, new shockumentary (shocking documentary), which reveals how eating allegedly “healthy foods” can, in fact, demolish your health. Australian Director/actor Damon Gameau — who is today’s special Gab with the Gurus guest — will blow you […]