Release Holiday Stress on Dec. 2: Free Teleseminar

Let’s face it: The holidays aren’t necessarily jolly for millions of people.
Research shows that this holiday season causes people to experience much more stress and anxiety than the rest of the year.
Take heart. Help is on the way!
Learn to Relieve Holiday Stress on Dec. 2 at 8 pm in a calming, life-changing teleseminar with master hypnotist Debra Berndt.
Hurry now to join this Dec. 2 teleseminar which is expected to fill up quickly.
Make sure to order your replay now, too, so that you can listen to this program over and over again when your holiday worries abound.
Debra Berndt Debra and I are holding this Relieve Holiday Stress program to help you, because research shows during this time of year you most need help.
In fact, the American Psychological Association (APA) found that nearly half of all women in the United States experience heightened stress during the holidays, which puts their health at risk.
For instance, many of you women – and, of course, you men – become burdened by:
* That annoying, but well-meaning parent, sibling, cousin or distant relative;
* Worries about weight and how you look;
* Marital strife or loneliness, especially if you don’t t have a significant other;
* Money woes;
* Health problems;
* Insecurities about giving the right gifts (and wondering if you have the money to buy them);
* The loss of your loved ones (either recently or in previous years);
* The depressing economy; and
* Credit card debt.
No wonder many of you are tempted to pig out at family gatherings, holiday feasts, work parties and other functions!
You’re not alone. Women – and, of course, men — rely more on unhealthy behaviors to manage stress during the holidays. In all, 41 percent of women use food and 28 percent use alcohol, according to a 2006 study.

Halloween Tricks Kids Into Sugar Overload: Op Ed Piece

Are you re planning on passing out sugar-filled candies for Halloween tomorrow night?
If so, you should know that every time you hand out candies, you’re tricking kids into sugar overload.
Halloween isn’t just one night. It paves the way for bad eating habits year-round.
Read more about this in our opinion piece in today’s Newark Star-Ledger.

Halloween: Prevent Sugar Shock

Halloween can be a harrowing time for both kids and their parents, because on this holiday and the days or even weeks that follow, kids will often face major blood sugar highs and lows after pigging out on dozens of sugar-laden candies.
In other words, they’ll be hurled into sugar shock.
Let’s face it, no matter what kind of limits their parents may try to place on their children’s candy consumption, youngsters will often overdose on sweets, even if they have to do it in secret.
Unfortunately, that’s what Halloween means these days. It’s a nationally sanctioned “Sugar Overload Day.”
So how can you help your young trick-or-treaters not get wiped out, cranky, depressed, headachy or charged up from having too many candies?
The way to soften the blood-sugar-bouncing whammy and lessen sugar shock is to make sure that your children eat a healthy meal before they cavort aroundthe neighborhood trick-or-treating for candies.
For instance, before they head for the streets, give your children:

Non-Drinkers More Depressed?

From time to time, findings from research studies make me marvel in disbelief. Such was the case when I recently discovered that scientists in Norway found that those of us who are non-drinkers are more depressed, AOL News alerts us.
Wait a minute? Even though alcohol has been linked to health hazards galore, from car crashes to alcoholism, if you don’t drink, you may get blue more often?
Although I was tempted to dismiss the results, I quickly learned that this is not a study at which you should sneer. The scientists, headed up by Jens Christopher Scogen of the University of Bergen looked at a whopping 38,000 people. (It’s always a good sign when thousands of folks participate in research.) What’s more, their conclusions were published in the medical journal Addiction.
So why the startling results?

Memory Woes? Sharpen Your Mind, Stop ADD & Defeat Depression… Learn How & Ask Your Questions Tuesday

Are we all destined to lose our minds?
Why does there seem to be an epidemic of people with mood problems such as depression and irritability; attention and behavior problems such as ADD/ADHD and autism; and aging problems such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?
Are we all going to lose our focus, concentration and memory? And will we all become depressed, anxious and tired much the time?
Of course NOT, according to a fascinating new book, The UltraMind Solution: The Simple Plan to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety and Sharpen Your Mind, from three-time New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman, a pioneer in the cutting-edge field of functional medicine.
Dr. Mark Hyman brings you more good news, too.
You can use a simple 7-step solution right now to “unleash your body’s hidden ability to dramatically improve mood, memory and thinking speed,” according to “Oprah” regular Dr. Mehmet Oz, who endorsed this exciting new book.
I was so fascinated by what I read in The UltraMind Solution that I had to drop you a quick note about it.
In addition, I rushed to book Dr. Hyman on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show so you could learn about this amazing solution and even ask him questions.
Catch Dr. Hyman today (Tuesday, Jan. 6 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern).
He’ll even answer your questions about how to get an “UltraMind” for the last third of the show. Just reach him at the show call-in number: (347) 426-3366.
You’ll be really surprised at how simple, yet powerful the solution is to getting an “UltraMind.”