Memory Woes? Sharpen Your Mind, Stop ADD & Defeat Depression… Learn How & Ask Your Questions Tuesday

Are we all destined to lose our minds? Will you all have failing memories? Will we become depressed, anxious and tired much the time?

No way!

But then why does there seem to be an epidemic of people with mood problems such as depression and irritability; attention and behavior problems such as ADD/ADHD and autism; and aging problems such as dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's?

Because people have "broken brains," according to three-time New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman, a pioneer in the cutting-edge field of functional medicine.

But there's a way out, claims Dr. Hyman in his fascinating new book, The UltraMind Solution:  The Simple Plan to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety and Sharpen Your Mind.

In fact, you can use Dr. Hyman's simple 7-step solution right now to "unleash your body's hidden ability to dramatically improve mood, memory and thinking speed," according to “Oprah” regular Dr. Mehmet Oz, who endorsed this exciting new book.

I was so fascinated by what I read in The UltraMind Solution that I had to post a quick item about it.

In addition, I rushed to book Dr. Hyman on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show so you could learn about this amazing solution.

Catch Dr. Hyman Tuesday, Jan. 6 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern. (You can listen live or later.)

You have a rare treat. For the last third of the show, you can ask Dr. Hyman questions about how to get an "UltraMind." Just reach us at the show call-in number: (347) 426-3366.

You’ll be really surprised at how simple, yet powerful the solution is to getting an “UltraMind.”

Dr. Hyman says that the seemingly separate problems you may have with your brain — poor memory, lack of focus, anxiety, etc. — and even your chronic problems such as depression, autism, Alzheimer's, dementia, ADD/ADHD and more — are really all the SAME problem.

But the solution to resolving your broken brain isn't found in your head. It's found in your BODY — in the core underlying biology that runs every cell, organ and system you have.

By fixing your body FIRST, you’ll awaken your body's natural intelligence, allowing it to heal your brain automatically…all by fixing the imbalances in the 7 core biological systems at the root of health and most diseases.

You can learn more about how to get an “UltraMind” by visiting this special website.

As I was reading The UltraMind Solution, I was fascinated by the case studies, such as that of Jackie, a 40-year-old, type-A, high-achieving lawyer who was at the top of her class in high school and college and who suddenly lost her short-term memory, developed a deep depression and gained 30 pounds.

Dr. Mark Hyman 2908263 After seeing Dr. Hyman and going on The UltraMind Solution, Jackie came out of her brain fog, began to reconnect with life, experienced a tremendous lift in energy and even lost the 30 extra pounds she’d put on after college. Pretty amazing, right?

I also read about a little boy, Jackson, who was diagnosed with autism. He had been developing completely normally until the age of 2, when he suddenly began losing his verbal skills. Within 3 months, Jackson completely lost his speech, became extremely irritable, threw terrible tantrums and eventually completely disconnected socially from his family.

But, after Jackson’s parents took him to see Dr. Hyman and he went on the same program found in The UltraMind Solution, his tantrums stopped almost immediately, his focus improved and he began building up his verbal skills! Now Jackson is talkative again and once again part of his family. Isn’t that remarkable and exciting?

UltraMind Solution C_1416549714 Dr. Hyman's groundbreaking approach in The UltraMind Solution shows us that that there IS hope…

…Hope for our children with ADD, autism and Asperger's.

…Hope for kids who have problems concentrating, staying focused and controlling their behavior…

…Hope for our aging parents, who are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and whose lives are quietly slipping away.

…Hope for those of us who suffer from depression, anxiety and brain fog.

…Hope for those of us who have problems remembering things and dealing with stress and mood swings…

And this is all validated by more than 400 scientific references and dozens of case studies like the ones I've listed.

Fortunately, Dr. Hyman is making this program available to you right now after having tested and refined this approach while serving as co-medical director at Canyon Ranch for 10 years and while working in private medical practice in Lenox, Mass.

In fact, you may have seen Dr. Hyman on the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America” or on public television discussing his groundbreaking solution.

This is the same solution that he personally used to help cure himself of chronic fatigue syndrome more than a decade ago… Dr. Hyman was, in essence, his own guinea pig –- he had no other choice.

You can find out much more about The UltraMind Solution and which of the 7 of your own biological systems may be out of balance, by going to this special website now.

Some of the interesting things you'll discover and be able to put to immediate use are:

  • How to increase your body's own natural flypaper-like sticky substance to gobble up and eliminate toxins that are dulling your mind…
  • What substance you eat every day that literally hardens and encrusts your brain, slowing your thinking and causing mood swings…
  • How two of the most powerful natural chemicals in your body, when out of balance, can send your brain into a thick fog (and make it harder to fit into your jeans)…
  • Why this one natural supplement can often defeat depression far more effectively than can any drug…
  • How a dangerous food to which you may be allergic can set your brain on fire with inflammation and destroy brain cells…
  • How this one activity you may do every day literally shrinks your brain and how you can learn a simple technique to prevent this from happening…
  • How to go on a simple 6-week brain-boosting program to cleanse, heal and strengthen your brain, leading to an UltraMind…

I sincerely hope that you get as much out of this engaging new book as I have.

And I hope you find your own path to an UltraMind — one that's calm, confident and happy and leaves you capable of fully enjoying all of the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Remember, Dr. Mark Hyman will explain his fascinating UltraMind solution on Tuesday, Jan. 6 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show. Just listen live or later, at your convenience, at And make sure to call us with your questions.

You’ll be absolutely amazed when learning about the success that some people had after going on Dr. Hyman’s program, but after reading case study after case study, it will all make sense to you.

One of the most powerful examples is George, a 70-year-old man who suffered from dementia. He wasn't allowed to play with his grandchildren, and he couldn't manage his business anymore.

But after going on “The UltraMind Solution,” he began managing his business again and playing with his grandchildren. He could even sing in the shower and remember the words to all of his favorite songs! Better yet, he didn’t have the “dementia” diagnosis anymore! Isn’t that remarkable?

Learn more now. Just watch Dr. Hyman describe some of these powerful case studies in clips from his upcoming PBS special on “The UltraMind Solution.”