Consider Making a Donation to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation on Cyber Monday

Talk to us. Will you join me in making a donation to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation?
I hope you had a wonderful, grateful Thanksgiving.
On Cyber Monday — or any day, for that matter — I invite you to make a donation to a worthwhile organization while you buy your holiday gifts.
HSFIn fact, i invite you to join me in donating to the worthwhile, non-profit Hypoglycemia Support Foundation.
Why am I encouraging you to donate to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation?
Because this organization does amazing work to educate people about hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.
This is a condition, which can manifest some 125 symptoms, including headaches, mood swings, heart palpitations, mental confusion (brain fog), excessive fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, cold hands and feet, and Crazy Sugar Cravings.
I personally have greatly benefited from the Hypoglyemia Support Foundation.
In fact, back in 1998, when I learned that I had hypolgycemia or low blood sugar, Roberta Ruggiero, founder and president of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, helped me so much!
Indeed, thanks to Roberta’s unwavering support, encouragement, and patient explanations, I was able to follow my doctor’s orders to kick sweets and quickie carbs, to take back my health and to say farewell to 44 baffling ailments.
You’ve never met a woman more dedicated than Robera, who has been steadfastly dedicated for 34 ears to help people learn about hypoglycemia, which has been dubbed the “Great Imitator,” because people with this condition can manifest ailments that confuse medical professionals.
Did you know, for instance, that if you have hypoglycemia, your doctor can wrongly diagnose you for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, neurosis, migraines, Parkinson’s syndrome, chronic bronchial asthma, paroxysmal tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), rheematoid arthritis, cerebral arteriosclerosis (hardening of the brain’s arteries), menopause, mental retardation, alcoholism, hyperactive disorder, and even senility.
To learn more about the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation and its founder Roberta Ruggiero, listen to last year’s Gab with the Gurus Show, when I interviewed Roberta for my 15 years off sugar celebration. In this show, we share secrets to staying sugar-free.
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Now, I invite you to make a donation to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation.
Feel free to say that Connie sent you.
CB – pink shirtWho is Sugar Shock Blog founder Connie Bennett? Connie is a former pooped-out, fuzzy-headed, sugar-addicted journalist. After quitting sugar on doctor’s orders in 1998, ALL 44 of her baffling, crippling ailments (brain fog, PMS, headaches, etc.) vanished, and she became “reborn.” For the past 16 1/2 years, Connie has helped thousands worldwide release their sugar addiction and Get a Sweeter Life that Rocks™. She is the acclaimed, energetic, charismatic Sweet Freedom Guide, Bounce-Back-to-Your Best Body™ coach, a transformational speaker, sugar and carb expert, blogger, certified health coach, certified life coach, EFT practitioner, Gab with the Gurus host, and bestselling author of Beyond Sugar Shock, which was endorsed Beyond Sugar Shock_RGBby Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Dr. Daniel Amen, JJ Virgin, and many others. Her first book, Sugar Shock, was praised by such respected people as Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Christiane Northrup. Connie is now planning the first Sugar World Summit, which will feature the biggest names in sugar and carb addiction, recovery, mindful eating, compassion, weight loss, etc. She is also completing her next book, The Bounce Back Diet™, which will help millions blindsided by Crazy Cravings™ after a major loss (such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or end of a job) or another life-changing event. Get free gifts at

Do Carbs Make You Cranky? Laugh With Me at Me (Circa 1998)

Join the Conversation. Do you relate to my Sugar Shrew past? Please let us know.
Lately, thanks to David Perlmutter, M.D., author of Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar — Your Brain’s Silent Killers, we’ve been hearing a lot about how Carbs Can Kill Your Brain.
In short, sweets and carbs can make you fuzzy-headed, confused, and scattered.
What we don’t hear about often enough is that Carbs Can Make You Cranky.
To prove my point, I’ll introduce you to the frazzled, brain-foggy, sugar-addicted Connie of 1998.
C1_jekyll-hyde_72dpiActually, I’m answering a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) here.
That’s because people often want to know what I was like back in 1998, when I was in the throes of my sugar and carb addiction, before I let sugar go.
“How did sugar affect you?” they ask me.
Sure, I can rattle off my litany of 44 ailments — including mood swings, difficulty concentrating, severe PMS and heart palpitations — but today I’ll just let a cartoon illustrate my embarrassing, humiliating, mortifying plight,
This cartoon will show you how I hit lower than rock bottom.
Now, I invite you to laugh with me at the Ex-Sugar Shrew me.
While looking at this cartoon, bear in mind that this is NO longer me.
I’ve been mostly sugar-free since 1998.
One thing I’ve learned is that humor can be a powerful yet super-simple tool to help distance yourself from your challenges with quickie carbs and sugar.
Okay, maybe I didn’t literally gorge on red licorice while cowering in closets but this embarrassing image certainly captures the flavor (pardon the pun!) of my one-time addiction. Anyhow, now that I’ve kicked sugar, I urge others to discover the power of living sugar-free. —-Connie Bennett, “Sugar Shrew No More!” & Sweet Freedom Guide, © Copyright 2014, Sugar Shock Blog, (Feel free to share this, but kindly make sure to include the proper attribution.)
Bestseller Beyond Sugar Shock BS
Would you like some help to kick sugar? It would be my honor to guide you to let go of your dangerous habit.
Just check out my latest book, Beyond Sugar Shock: The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Get Slimmer, Sexier & Sweeter.
By the way, you can let go of your sugasr habit at any time — you dont’ need to do it on January 1.
Join the Conversation! Okay, I feel naked showing this to you!
Do you relate to my Sugar Shrew past? Please let us know.

New to this Blog? Meet Connie

Blog founder Connie Bennett — also known as The Sweet Freedom Coach — is the  bestselling author of Beyond Sugar Shock  and Sugar […]

It’s Official: Publisher’s Marketplace Announces The Beyond Sugar Shock Diet for Hay House

It’s official!
My next book, Beyond Sugar Shock (now called The Beyond Sugar Shock Diet), is on the way, thanks to the amazing publisher Hay House, which brings you a remarkable array of empowering self help, inspirational and transformational books, products and events. (Although I’m a trained writer, I can’t even begin to describe my excitement at being with them! It’s a dream come true! This remarkable company will help me to serve you better!)
Anyhow, on Oct. 20, Publishers Marketplace, which provides news for publishing professionals, posted this announcement. (FYI, you can’t access link anymore unless you’re a member.)
Sugar Shock author Connie Bennett’s BEYOND SUGAR SHOCK: The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Get a Slimmer, Sexier & Sweeter Life, to Patricia Gift at Hay House, for publication in Winter 2012, by Wendy Sherman (world).
Hay House, Inc. 125×125
It bears repeating that I’m really honored, grateful and thrilled to be with the amazing Hay House, which can inspire you anytime, thanks to its amazing the amazing Hay House Radio and its Heal Your Life website.
By the way, in The Beyond Sugar Shock Diet, you’ll get a simple, fun, guided mind/body/spirit plan that gives you oodles of juicy, empowering, inspiring information, strategies and systems.
Learn here about how a tweeter named my book!
If you haven’t read my first book, Sugar Shock, yet, I invite you to get it now.
If you’re frustrated that your addiction to sugar or refined carbs has kept you from being the remarkable person you can be, let me help you achieve Sugar Freedom Now™! You’ll be surprised at how just this one change can help you, as I like to say, Get a Life that Rocks!™
Tired of being controlled by your sugar habit? Join liberated (or soon-to-be-liberated) Movers & Shakers at
And get even more empowered on the Facebook page for Gab with the Gurus, which celebrates its 3rd anniversary in June 2011.

Sugar Shock Defined

Often, just about whenever journalists, radio hosts or TV reporters interview me, they ask me what I mean by the phrase “Sugar Shock.”
As you can guess, I’ve thought about this a log, given that I wrote a book called Sugar Shock!
Here’s how I define Sugar Shock.
Bear in mind that this Sugar Shock is a condition that afflicts millions of people
worldwide, including possibly as high as 80 percent to 90 percent of the U.S. population.
SUGAR SHOCK™ – A mood-damaging, personality-bending, health-destroying, confusion-creating constellation of symptoms affecting millions of people worldwide, who often turn to processed sweets and much-like-sugar carbs, which send their blood sugar levels wildly soaring and plummeting.
These people are suffering from what they may call sugar addiction or carb addiction.
The term Sugar Shock is intended to encompass the often-misdiagnosed and maligned
condition of reactive hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), as well as other blood sugar disorders,
from insulin resistance to diabetes.
Considerable research reveals that repeatedly overconsuming sweeteners, dessert foods,
and culprit, quickie carbs (such as white rice, French bread, chips, etc.) wreaks havoc on
your blood sugar levels, overstimulates insulin release, triggers inflammation, and
could contribute to more than 150 health problems, including obesity, diabetes, heart
disease, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, severe PMS, failing memory, depression,
mental confusion or “brain fog,” mood swings, Candida, sexual dysfunction, infertility,
wrinkles, acne, and early aging.
Victims of Sugar Shock also may experience such baffling symptoms as excessive fatigue,
headaches, dizziness, cold sweats, anxiety, irritability, tremors, crying spells, drowsiness or
the opposite (sleeplessness), forgetfulness, heart palpitations, nightmares, blurred vision,
muscle pains, temper outbursts, suicidal thoughts, and more.
Ultimately, this insidious Sugar Shock roller-coaster effect brought on by eating
too many inferior carbs hampers sufferers’ ability to function at full throttle–or even
half throttle.
Learn more about the dangers of Sugar Shock in my book Sugar Shock!
Get tips to break free of your sugar addiction by joining my End-of-Summer Tele-Party on Tues., Aug. 31. Sign up here.

Is Your Sugar Addiction Making You Crabby?

Are you moody, cranky and edgy for no apparent reason?
Well, it could be your sugar addiction that’s contributing to your embarrassing highs and lows.
Hurray to Well + Good NYC for pointing out this not-so-well-known fact about sugar’s effect on your moods.
Gratitude also goes to Well + Good NYC for interviewing me for this story, “Are you just cranky or addicted to sugar? A local expert explains the pernicious side of sweetness.
Do you live in or near New York City?
Please join me in my four-week course, which begins next Tuesday, Jan. 12 at the New York Open Center.
What are your questions or experiences about sugar, hypoglycemia or type 2 diabetes? We’d love to hear from you on the Facebook Smart Habits Fans page.

Halloween Tricks Kids Into Sugar Overload: Op Ed Piece

Are you re planning on passing out sugar-filled candies for Halloween tomorrow night?
If so, you should know that every time you hand out candies, you’re tricking kids into sugar overload.
Halloween isn’t just one night. It paves the way for bad eating habits year-round.
Read more about this in our opinion piece in today’s Newark Star-Ledger.