My Most Popular Blog Posts: What Did I Forget?

Here’s a list of my some of my most popular posts on this Sugar Shock Blog. Please check back, because I’m still adding to this list. (It’s taking a while to compile all the hot posts since I founded this Sugar Shock Blog in early June 2005,.
Weight Loss Assistance
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How Not to Pig Out on Thanksgiving;
Musings and Commentary
Shame on Reporters Critical of Cookie Monster’s New Moderate Habits
Holiday Help
7 Tips to Squash Your Sugar Cravings this Holiday Season
5 Ways to Indulge Over the Holidays Without Gaining Weight
‘Tis the Season to be Stressed: 7 tips to Relieve Holiday Stress
Relieve Holiday Stress: Holiday Gift to You from Debra Berndt and Me (Audio Program)
5 Tips to Soften Halloween Sugar Shock
The Sour Scoop About Sugar
Sugar at “Safe” Levels Can be Deadly;
The Inside Scooop about Agave (I don’t recommend it)
iHigh Fructose corn Syrup: Some Scary Facts to Consider Before You Gulp Down Soda & Other Foods (with 3-minute video)
146 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health (Guest column from Nancy Appleton)
Reformed Sugar Addict Alec Baldwin Interviews Dr. Robert Lustig;
The Fallacy of Diet Foods
Study Shows Diet Sodas Are Linked to Weight Gain
Tips to Let Go of Sugar or Pile off the Pounds
Delay Away Your Sugar Cravings (Creatively Procrastinate)
7 Tips to Help You Squash Your Sugar Addiction
Slipped? Destroyed Your Diet? 7 Tips to Get Back on Track
Humorous Takes on the News
Michelangelo’s David Returns to Italy After Touring the U.S.
Help to Shop
Stumped when Shopping? Some Sugar-Free Foods By Brand
Social Media
The best time(s) to post on social media
Get Social Media Secrets with Mitch Meyerson
Woo-Hoo, Feel-Good Tunes
Listen to Woo-Hoo, Feel-Good Tunes
Listen to Guests on My Gab with the Gurus Shows
Lose Weight with Best-Selling Author & Spiritual Activitist Marianne Williamson (she spoke about her then-new book, A Course in Weight Loss; she wasn’t running for Congress yet;
Anita Moorjani: On Cancer, Near Death & Treasuring Our Magnificence
Other Health Posts
Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar): Do You Have It?
Anita Moorjani: On Cancer, Near Death & Treasuring Our Magnificence;
Hyperactivity and Mental Woes Linked to Soda Consumption
Take Charge of Your Stress & Sleep: Two Keys to Live Life Well
Salt: The Forgotten Killer: — The AMA & CSPI Urge Crackdown On the White Powder, But What About The-More-Dangerous Substance, Sugar?
Are You Among the 85 % of People With Low Self-Esteem? It Can Lead to Weight Gain & More
My Sweet, But Stringent Standards & Disclosures
Did I leave out your favorite posts? Let me know which one(s) to include.
Connie Bennett is a former sugar-addicted journalist and the author of two bestselling books, Beyond Sugar Shock and Sugar Shock, Connie’s sour-to-sweet story began in 1998, when she quit sugar on doctor’s orders. Her doctor blamed all 44 of her strange ailments (baffling brain fog, ferocious fatigue, horrible headaches, embarrassing mood swings, severe PMS, etc.) on her habit of eating hard candies, red licorice, refined crackers, and other quickie carbs. While releasing her sugar and carb addiction, Connie created many simple tactics to make letting go of sweets an easy, exciting adventure.
Since 2001, Connie has been helping thousands of sugar addicts worldwide through her Sugar Freedom Now Course, speaking, and coaching (she is a certified life coach, certified health coach and EFT practitioner). She founded this Sugar Shock Blog on June 7, 2005.
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Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction With Me – Early Bird Special Available Through April 15

Sugar addicts and carb addicts, have you heard about my upcoming Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks Program, which I’m offering starting Tuesday, April 20?
If you feel trapped or even imprisoned by sweets and other carbs like white bread, crackers, white rice, pasta and chips (what I call quickie carbs, culprit carbs or much-like-sugar carbs), this program is for you.
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Why is this Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks Program different from other teleseminar/webinar series?
Because I’ve:
* Spent nearly 12 years creating this program for you — I kicked sugar myself on April 15, 1998;
* Connected online and helped thousands of sugar addicts worldwide in my KickSugar group, Stop Sugar Shock network and Facebook fan page.
* Interviewed hundreds of experts
* Coached dozens of clients to release their debilitating sugar habit in the manner that works best for them (whether it’s removing sugar totally or cutting back drastically).
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* Find out which color sugar lover you are. (Yes, we’re all different in our relationship.)
* Learn about 100 names for sugars and sweeteners.
* Get the scoop about agave, honey, artificial sweeteners, yogurt, rice cakes and fructose.
* Find out how to use my “7 D’s” to easily top cravings as they hit.
* Have your questions answered.
* Receive instruction from two top experts on how to reduce stress and use self-hypnosis.
* Be able to listen afterward, at your convenience (if you miss the live calls).
* And much, much more.
Get more information now about my Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks.

Agave: What’s the Scoop About this Sweetener?

Agave_syrup1One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about agave, the honey-colored liquid that’s popular with many health-minded people.
Inevitably, the subject of agave comes up whenever I lecture or take on a new client.
Generally, these health-minded people have heard wonderful things about agave, especially that it’s low on the glycemic index.
You, too, as a health-minded person — I assume you are since you’re reading this blog — may want to know:
* Is agave safe?
* Can I use agave as a sugar substitute?
For those of you who are fans of agave, my short answer is this: I don’t recommend it.
Learn more about agave here.

Agave: Is It a Safe Sweetener Alternative? I Recommend Skipping It

Agave nectar has become quite controversial of late. Lately, many people — especially folks who are concerned about their health — have been eagerly consuming it, but I believe they’re doing so without knowing the full facts.
After repeated questions from people about whether or not they can safely consume agave, I posted on this Sugar Shock Blog, most recently here and before that, here.
My conclusion? Briefly, I’m really wary of this sweetener, which is really high in fructose. I have too many questions about agave.
To put it bluntly, I won’t ever consume agave since I know about the dangers of fructose, which I learned more about last weekend from Dr. Richard Johnson at a Food Addiction Summit in Washington state.
Richard (I got to know him while hiking there) is the author of the fascinating book, The Sugar Fix: The High Fructose Fallout That Is Making You Fat and Sick.